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Shares Shocking Prison Secret-What Not to Do the First Day in Prison
2018-5-23 10:55
First day of prison,they say pick out the biggest , baddest, meanest looking convict in the courtyard, and fuck him up. That way , the other prisoners know not to fuck with you . I wish people would stop beating me up on their first day of prison. Yeah, I know I`m big ,I look bad and mean,but I`m ...
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Shares The compressor
2013-7-28 17:05
Today is my first day to write blog on the net after I started to work .I hope that I canwritesomethingsabout my life and work,I want to introduce something about my work.The compressor is the heart of refrigeration system,and it is a fluid machiner that p ...
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Shares Why don`t wowen understan men ?
2012-9-7 23:35
Recently,I often argue with her without any reasons.I don`t want to do so but I just could not controll myselfe in that sutation. Wowen should learn more about men and understan them .If there is not understan each other , everyone don`t have a good day! It is not useful and meanings to scol ...
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Shares GO on !
2012-8-10 09:48
I often think so that my effort is the equivalent of my return what I should get .But I was wrong .Your effort is not the equivalent of your return because that only your pay ,when required to qualitative changes , you can get back and the direction you effort must be right! there are 2 suggesti ...
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Shares Why Not To Do It Now?
2012-5-24 09:00
We always have lots of reasons to explain why we do not complete the things that we should have completed.It maybe climate ,party , traffic and so on .But we know that it is onlythe excuse of bitching for us . Don`t let ourselves regret later . It is a beatiful thing that we pursuit ...
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Shares Not Enough
2012-5-23 22:12
I thought I had owned the qualification to do some great things all time .I ,however,was very stupid to think so and not know I was very small and ignorant . I have to remain me that there is a lot ofknowlege and skills that I can not understand and need to study . I must be failuer if I c ...
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Shares Not So Simple
2012-5-15 12:12
There is always distance between life and ideal .We live in a brutal in the real world witha good dream and we always want to find a way to make our dream and life combine . I used to always think that I could realize my dream and I thought that I had the ability to make it come true .But ...
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Shares Mother`s Day
2012-5-13 14:53
Mother is great .I know she will fergive me that I don`t accompany her today for I am nonlocal now ,but I still want to say "sorry ,my mother " to her . I believe she must miss me and hpoe I could accompany her now .Mother is my only care about and please to look after youself well .I am miss you , ...
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Shares Everything Depend On Oneself
2012-5-13 14:08
As the saying goes ,we get ample food and clothing by working with our own hands. We can not live forever wuth protection of others .You must study hard and work hard if you want to make your living and lifebetter.Others don`t have the responsibility to help you all time when you are in ...
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Shares Follow your dream
2012-5-1 22:16
Everyoen has a dream .My dream isto make my family happiness.Today`s society , wedid too many things whichwe did not want to do ,but ,for our dream ,we must to do them .Our parents just are ordinary people without too many money and power. They dream is to hope we peace and ...
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