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Love, Live and work...

301 views. 2017-6-13 18:31

   Time flies ,3 years passed by again, finally I have time to surfing online , and the word come into my mind is Dioenglish , I'm happy to see this website still exist as having all your insist update . I think I have to write down a blog here to memorize these 3 years experience and let you guys know I come back and decide to login this blog more than before to make friends from different place .
   I'm a workaholic in work place and a freewheeling girl in living .In my eyes , love is the primary task I need to achieve in this world ,I have to work for my life to get the pure love I seeking .
   Life is complicate , so is the affection , it's too illusory to seize , and you'll get back to where it begun likes a mirage out of reach . there are no coincidence , no lucky happens like TV shows , even you met the right guy you will hesitate and doubt if he's really the one you want , and mostly you will let it go as life won't give time and create opportunity for you to get to know each other like novel .
   All dreamers waste time trying and failing , until follow the heart to marriage and live as ordinary without dream. I won't continute this marriage topic as I can't imaging my life go on like this , so even work is a tool still makes me immerse myself in it completely with my time and life more than a relationship. now I'm hitting a wall in work and feeling powerless to place the hope on a job . I firmly belive wisdom makes person glowing even she's a small patato in others eyes , as long as she owning the strength to break through all obstruction like those guys in Silicon Valley never capitulate to pressure from outside , Drop Dead Diva's Jane using her knowledge and insights fighting for each case fearlessly, they are glowing because of the good relationship from teams friends.
   This world lacking dreamers to insist the impossible , most person positioning life early as me keep rational and emotional in living without passion , certainly couldn't enjoy it since reluctant to put heart in it . So I hope in here I can get back to whom I used to be.

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