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C---E Translation (4)

585 views. 2012-6-20 09:56 |Individual Classification:translation pieces


    Two frogs lived together in a marsh land.   On a hot summer , however , the marsh land dried up . They had to leave and found another place , as frogs prefer staying at the damp place . Soon later , they came right before a deep well , one of them looked into it ,then said to the other " It seems to be a fantastically cool place ! Let's jump in and stay here ! " Nevertheless , the other brilliant frog answered " Don't make your decision so fast , my friend ! Supposing the well dried up like the wetland , how should we get out again ?
     Think twice before you leap .


      Once one crab left the seashore to a meadow inland and settled down .The meadow was wonderfully green and awesomely beautiful , which seemed to be a good place to dig holes . While a hungry fox appeared , caught sight of the crab and grabbed him instantly . When the fox was going to eat him , the crab said , " I deserved to be eaten ,   I had no reason to leave my place besides the seashore and settled down here , as if i belonged to land ."
        Be content with your lot . 

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Reply snowflying 2012-6-26 21:31
ahaa, with bilingual words, do help me reading. and funny and meaningful story indeed. nice to read.
Reply Ebymas 2012-6-27 09:06
snowflying: ahaa, with bilingual words, do help me reading. and funny and meaningful story indeed. nice to read.
Thank you for your encouragement. Sometimes i have nothing to write about ,so i get myself an article to translate for fun .

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