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The Scent of Diversity:(SHARE) 2009-12-28
The Scent of Diversity: Is the cure for discrimination in all forms as close as your nose? by William A. Spriggs July 28, 2004 ...
(750) Views|(4) Replies
OK--Let's see--我被dio和谐了 2009-11-03
是因为分享的而且用中文写的么。给个理由。看你再删,原创加英文。啊哈哈哈哈 ,有本事你删。 In my understanding, if an idea is worthing sharing with othe ...
(652) Views|(5) Replies
Battling for life 2009-08-18
DIO has achieved its 10000-user threshold~~~Great job!   Think of something pleasant. That's what I keep telling myself now. ...
(647) Views|(2) Replies
Updating 2009-05-16
It has been years since I was made fun of because of my hair style---Nah...Doesn' t matter that much.     I miss you. But I'm s ...
(737) Views|(3) Replies
How English Is Evolving Into a Language We May Not Even Understand 2009-05-05
WIRED MAGAZINE: 16.07 Culture  :  Culture Reviews   How English Is Evolving Into a Language We May ...
(1052) Views|(3) Replies

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yyjjxx12345 2010-2-1 12:51
iadd you as qq friend, hope you can accept
253339290 2009-8-30 12:20
sarah2046 2009-8-8 13:33
clabbermilk 2009-8-6 09:30
beautiful girl,morning and nice to meet you.
elly0214 2009-7-29 08:41
morning , and have a good day
ouhui521 2009-7-28 08:48
Hi, I am glad that I recieve your request as a friend
Phil 2009-7-16 11:57
Shovellee: hi phil....Thanks for making me look up for the word "belle"...
孙伟伟Jean 2009-7-16 08:22
Nice to meet U~this is the first time to come to your space ~hehe
Phil 2009-7-6 22:06
oh ma god ! belles are everywhere..
danielrayslee 2009-6-16 13:24
孙晋阳 2009-5-17 17:48
come  on!you  are  the  best!
catnfish 2009-5-5 21:14
hey beijing girl lao xiang you are~I need a favor from you if you could go to my blog(urgent call) and write something down there, sorry we haven't known each other yet, I hope we'll go well soon ~~
great night there
thanks first of all@@@
admin 2009-3-29 22:15
Shovellee: My English Bolg!!!

Dear admin--the spelling on the the login page--
Thanks, Shovel. It's one of our members' blog title. Maybe he made mistake
boyrpx 2009-3-14 18:24
Happy birthday to you! The with is late.I am sorry!
liebaer 2009-3-2 05:04
Hello if you want to be my friend look at my page for my msn or qq number. Hope to meet you....zai jian
admin 2009-2-24 11:52
Shovellee: Be A Volunteer of
\n"; for ($i = 0; $i < count($arr_xml['URL']); $i++) { if( isset($arr_xml['PostID'][$i]) && $arr
will fix it later. thank u;-)
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