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Shares C Diary-Miracle will happen
bluephoebe 2019-6-20 09:58
What makes miracle especially exciting and exhilarated is that there’s no sign when they will happen. As fragile, broken and not a whole as I am now, I still believe miracle will happen. It will come at any moment, perhaps not today, perhaps not next month, but one year from now, who knows? ...
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Shares C Dairy--when Money can buy your life
bluephoebe 2019-6-16 21:44
C Diary: The things you might not know. About medical cost, there are two general conceptions. One: your social security (in urban) can cover about 90% fee. Two: Sometimes how long you could live depends on how much money you have. They are paradox, but both are relatively true. ...
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Shares C Diary, if being happy is impossible, try anger
bluephoebe 2019-6-13 14:37
You need to be happy to fight against the cancer. Actually, it’s not some crazy story, but on the contrary it’s a scientific theory. You see, when you are happy, your body create some chemistry which will boost your immune system, and your immune system plays a critical role, it is your mos ...
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Shares C Diary: The things make me cry
bluephoebe 2019-6-11 14:42
I cried twice. It really took some time for the news to sink in. So at first, you would stay calm. You even remembered to call you boss and asked for the sick leave. For quite a long time, you just didn’t realize what had happened. And then I received a call from my colleagues on my way ...
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Shares C Diary: Why didn’t I come here earlier?
bluephoebe 2019-6-6 12:12
All the doctors asked me the same question: “Why didn’t you come here earlier?” Well, actually when I first felt uncomfortable, I came to Chengdu First’s People Hospital and I was diagnosed as Mastitis ( 乳腺炎 ). I took the pills the doctor prescribed but it didn’t work. I’d thought inflam ...
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Shares Breast Cancer
bluephoebe 2019-6-4 18:28
From yesterday I’ve heard a dozen stories about whose auntie, or cousin, or sister once had breast cancer and now they all survive and already came back into their normal life. It’s comforting, much better than you google question like “How long I could live with breast cancer?”. It ...
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Shares 2019-05-14
bluephoebe 2019-5-14 16:22
There are quite a few big stories going on here and they have grabbed a lot of public attention. Here I’m just trying to write down how I feel about them. So, it’s just personal and I certainly don’t mean to pass judgements or cause any troubles. No.1 Trade War. Honestly, ...
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Shares Listen carefully
bluephoebe 2019-5-9 10:51
I’m listening to audio book named “The Strange Power”. It’s a X-men kind of story, one of my favorites. It starts with a high school girl living in a small town, who has a very special talent: she can draw the picture of the future. Personally, I think it’s a pretty cool power but obviou ...
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Shares Depression is highly contagious
bluephoebe 2019-5-5 11:52
I probably would never talk this with anyone who knows me in real life, people won’t understand. But it’s online and I need an outlet. And it’s just becoming overwhelming. Perhaps I am just over-concerned, hysteria maybe. Hope I could feel better once I sort it out in words. &nbs ...
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Shares 2019-04-29
bluephoebe 2019-4-29 11:50
Yesterday I did something very special albeit sounds a little bit silly thing. I walked about 20 minutes to a post station and sent a letter to an online friend by regular mail. The girl at the station threw me a kind of curious look but she didn't say anything. There was no stamp, and th ...
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