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Shares New ways of learning
bluephoebe 2019-1-16 11:52
One of my new year resolutions in 2019 is to run half-marathon. It’s a bit challenging for me cause so far, the longest distance I’ve ever run is 5 Kms, which I run regularly, still we are talking about half-marathon here--four times plus. So, I check APP KEEP, finding that ...
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Shares Post Traumatic Growth
bluephoebe 2019-1-15 10:35
I’ve learned English with TED for sometimes. I find that it is not just about English Speaking. It involves stepping out of your thinking frame to enable you to look at things from a different aspect—or precisely, the ideas worthy of spreading. The most frequently m ...
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Shares New Year Resolution
bluephoebe 2019-1-10 10:43
At the beginning of this year, I look back what new year resolutions I’ve made for 2018. And unfortunately, all of my resolutions have been achieved. Yes, you got me right here that I said in 2018, I achieved all of my resolutions and yes, I said it was unfortunately. You see, new year resol ...
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Shares Be careful what you wish for
bluephoebe 2018-12-11 16:12
Today when I came across my English blog and I found a comment here, wondering why I haven’t posted for such a long time. I’m touched. English learning is just my little hobby. It has become an inseparable part of my life. It is English writing that pulls me out of my warm bed every day--co ...
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Shares Let’s pray
bluephoebe 2018-8-22 22:12
Tomorrow my husband is going to have a surgery which may cure him, or may not. Nobody could give us a confirmative answer. “It’s all up to you.” The doctor said. However, do we really have any other options? In the past six month, we visited 6 hospitals, consulted about a dozen o ...
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Shares Welcome to Chengdu, a city in the water
bluephoebe 2018-7-12 14:05
Welcome to Chengdu, a city in the water
Welcome to Chengdu. Now I’m not talking about the city that you might be familiar with, but a whole brand-new one, where the Sun is taking a long time off now and Thor just hates to leave. So, before you start visiting this new Chengdu, there are three tips for you to ke ...
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Shares Waiting
bluephoebe 2018-6-26 14:45
So I want to talk today about waiting, in which we all spend a lot of time throughout our entire life, whether we like it or not. And a lot of us resonate with this phrase—as we read it in The Picture of Dorian Gray— “Knowledge wouldbe fatal. It is the uncertainty that charms one” ...
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Shares Where is Dad?
bluephoebe 2018-6-22 10:41
“How about your Dad?” “Dad? For most of time he is just not around.” “How come? He talks to you every day.” “Oh, he is just trying to show that he is there, but actually he is not.” That’s the most upsetting conversation I’ve ever ...
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Shares What’s your opinion toward tattoo?
bluephoebe 2018-6-17 17:39
There’s an American colleague girl, who wants to teach English in China. She has a few tattoo, but they are not visible. Now she wants to get one on her arm and she is just wondering how people in China would think about tattoo. I found a lot of people have sort of n ...
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Shares A day of my life
bluephoebe 2018-6-13 10:05
I wake up at 5:30 am, and I turn on EMF, an English program I’m learning with, to start a day’s journey. I’m all ears while I am busy going through morning routines. Then I make breakfast and prepare for today’s dinner. I should say that time-setting is the best d ...
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