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Shares Depression Fighter (Imitation Writing)
bluephoebe 2019-4-23 10:44
Hello I'm Shadow speaking for DFC, the depression fighter's club. We're a group of middle ages trying to survive the pressures of mid-life crisis. Coming up here today I have no hidden agenda. I'm fighting against depression Fighting against depression is not like fighting a physica ...
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Shares The Fragility of Beauty
bluephoebe 2019-4-16 16:02
“Notre-Dame de Paris, in particular, is a curious specimen of this variety. Every surface, every stone of this venerable pile, is a page of the history not only of the country, but of science and of art.” Victor Hugo described this masterpiece in his famous Notre-Dame de Paris . ...
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Shares A threat or benefit?
bluephoebe 2018-6-8 10:27
There is a report in online news about a special wedding between a Chinese engineer and his AI bride who can talk, cook, and perform certain house chores. AI is and will continue to be evolving at a speed we could hardly imagine. Where will this evolution lead us to, ...
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Shares Being Happy
bluephoebe 2018-5-10 10:59
Billions of us want to be happy, however, millions of us fail. All of these sorts of failures all because of this one misunderstanding---we often confuse ‘happiness’ with ‘pleasures’. We spend too much time to seek pleasures, indulge in things of momentary pleasures.   ...
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Shares On Depression
bluephoebe 2018-3-30 15:04
Lord Depression broke free from the darkest world. The sullen figure of him, shouldering his way through the tremulous branches of my spirit with formidable insistence, seemed to make the day, the night unbearably oppressive. There is a fatality about his heavy steps, ...
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Shares Have you ever done anything you felt sorry for as a young kid?
bluephoebe 2017-10-12 11:01
Have you ever done anything you felt sorry for as a young kid?
That is one of those questions that I never want to answer. I wish I could give a definite “Never” to that. However, a girl’s face popped up in the back of my mind and I knew my conscience won’t let me off the hook that easily. Memory likes to play tricks. You never know ...
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Shares On Positive Thinking
bluephoebe 2017-5-27 14:36
When things transpire that are out of your control, you would be surprised by how easily fall into the cycle of negative thoughts. If I am not careful enough now, I would become the victim of the sudden outbreaks of all my negative thoughts. There is no escaping no matter how hard ...
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Shares On Marriage
bluephoebe 2017-5-25 13:45
Today one sentence in a book “Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry” I’m reading now inspires me to think a lot about marriage. “She felt she had become both one-dimensional and more fragile.” That’s what came across Maureen’s mind when she met his husband Harold on his pi ...
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Shares A missed opportunity
bluephoebe 2016-9-29 10:50
Last night I attended an online English course. It lasted for an hour and a half. However to pick up my son after night class, I had to drop out half the way. What a pity. This course is like an online English Corner, with a topic to discussion on and a teacher to organize. As I have said, I h ...
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Shares Why do you want to learn English and what makes you to insist on learning?
bluephoebe 2016-9-28 11:27
Until now, I have insisted on English learning for about 98 days. During these days I’ve spent 190 hours in total, which means that I’ve learn at an average of two hours a day. As a working mother who has a nine-year old boy and a husband who is always busy, I have to spend most of my ...
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