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Trip to Japan: Before its Beginning

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It’s been half a month since I came back from my trip to Japan. Perhaps it’s time to write something about it before my memories starts to wear off. Like I always said, I love travelling. What a wonderful way it is to break off the routines, to explore the world, and to experience something fresh new. To a Chinese, Japan is a mythical place that could easily inspire emotions, love or hate, or both at the same time. To visit it in a time when Sakura had so fell and still long way to go before the leaves turn red, we went majorly for its culture, which rooted in China but has diversified so much over the long history. It is the second time that we have been to Japan. The last time was more than a few years ago when we went there for an 8 days’ package tour. Honestly there wasn’t much left from that trip. Now, after already transitioning from a tourist, who contented with seeing what is expected to see, into a traveler, who likes to see what comes to see and likes to feel like a local, this time I prefer DIY, definitely a DIY tour.

A DIY tour usually involves a lot of planning, reservations, and researches in advance. We were a group of six, four adults and two kids. None of the others had the least interests in trip preparation. They either eyed me in a rather innocent way and said: “You lead, we’ll follow.” or had a mysterious faith in “Let’s free style”. Given no other options, I had to take fully responsible for this trip. The forehead work sometimes was annoyingly detailed, and you had to take everything into consideration. But it was worth it. I had learned a lot during this period. I even read some books about Japanese history and I found its Warring States Period rather enchanting. So many interesting people and stories emerged from that troubled times. The planning period was almost as interesting as the trip itself. It’s like somehow that I had managed to prolong this trip in an unexpected way.

Here are some useful trip tips:

Hotel or Guest house? The thing that had troubled me the most was where to stay. In Japan, even some so-called five star hotels have rather small rooms. Double-beds usually means two 1.1*2.0 meters bed. Last time my son was just 6 years old, we could manage to make do with it. However, now he was already 10 years old, which ruled out most of the standard rooms. I made reservations almost two months in advance and still I found that most of the triple beds had been fully booked.  Finally, I turned my eyes to Guest houses, like Airbnb, and the result was rather satisfactory. We chose two guest houses to stay, one in Osaka, one in Hiroshima. Both apartment has three bedrooms (two of them are Japanese), one living room, one kitchen and one bathroom, small but fully equipped. The bathroom is a bit small, but at only half cost of the hotel, we couldn’t expect more.  Besides, it’s a great opportunity to experience like the local. After this trip, we almost fell in love with futons, ---the great way of sleeping.

Transportation: The difficult but most important part for a DIY tour in Japan is to straighten its complex transportation system out. Japan has the most complicate and powerful public transportation system that I’ve never seen. The system of railways and subways is like a giant spider web, reaching to almost every corner of its cities. Time had long past when we’d looked in awe at those high buildings in foreign countries and felt inferior. However, I do realize that we still have some way to go in face of Japanese Public Transportation Systems.  In every station, many trains arrive and leave by few minutes, by multiple routes, but always on time. So for the travelers, it is the best way to travel in Japan. No traffic jams, no delays, and it can take you to almost any place you want. 

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Reply teadrinking 2017-8-7 23:22
Hey, thanks for your share of the experience and tips about trips.

To experience different culture to another country or some other places by travelling around would be definitely interesting and unforgettable. It provides us the chance to view the new world that we have never been to be before. And meanwhile it gives us the chance to train and culture ourselves to go and sense a new land, particulary by going somewhere with the full arrangements by DIY. We have to arrange the whole schedule, including booking tickets, hotels, and choose to which routines we should follow.

Nowadays, many trourists from mainland come to Japan. And the trend is still keeping increasing and number of trourists from our country is also increasing every year. Japan has invented and improved many of traditions from our country and changed and cultivated into its own special ways added and rooted to be its own culture.

Anyway, nice share of your trip.
Reply shirleyytt2010 2017-8-8 08:04
It was a nice trip experience for you, so wonderful.
Reply lijuanandrea 2017-8-9 17:12
sounds so great, thanks for sharing
Reply bluephoebe 2017-8-10 15:40
teadrinking: Hey, thanks for your share of the experience and tips about trips.

To experience different culture to another country or some other places by travell ...
Thank you for your nice comments. It's really inspiring. Yeah, Japan is a perfect place for a DIY tour. It's safe and has much to see. Shopping here is great too
Reply bluephoebe 2017-8-10 15:42
shirleyytt2010: It was a nice trip experience for you, so wonderful.
I am a drifter in heart. Any trip, as long as it's safe,  is great for me.  
Reply bluephoebe 2017-8-10 15:42
lijuanandrea: sounds so great, thanks for sharing
Thanks for your attention, I'll continue...

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