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Post Super Moon Symptom

268 views. 2018-2-6 15:39 |Individual Classification:Daily Life

It came with a frightening force, and I was totally unprepared.


I had an appointment with my gynecologist in Huaxi Hospital last Thursday. However, even before I left my office, I knew I could not make it to my appointment that day.


An appointment in Huaxi only guaranteed you a place in the long waiting queue. Long hours of waiting in a place with over-crowded patients, lack of fresh air, no place to rest, that requires a strong person’s strength and will.


However, I felt a bone deep fatigue. I was so far from being strong that day. I had to change my plan and headed home. I was so desperately need for my warm bed.


What I hadn’t expected is that Fatigue was just a prior warning sign, a careless and mindless test of “It’. On my way home, I was seized upon by a sudden attack of freezing coldness. I started to tremble all over my body like a leaf in the winds. My teeth rattled and my legs felt like water. I wrapped myself up tightly with my coat, but that didn’t help, not a bit.


Struggled, I took up my phone and made a call to my husband.


“What happened? Are you Okay?” the panic in his voice made me realize that how terrible my voice must have sounded.


“Where are you? I asked mum to pick you up.” I heard my husband’s voice over phone, which seemed to be so far away.


I strived to collected myself a little bit. I didn’t like any fusses. And that nature was stubborn even when I was ill.


I bit my teeth, forced myself to calm down, to be better. “Don’t. I feel better now.” I hang on the phone. That “Better” only lasted a very short moment.


I couldn’t manage to go home, so instead, I came to a TCM health center nearby. Normally it doesn’t accept patient like that. But I am a regular here, and I needed help.


The physicians here put me on the bed, wrapping me up with as much as blankets. They sent me warm water. My hands shivered so much that I could barely hold the cups.


Half an hour later, two cups of warm water down, with some treatments, I felt better and finally returned home.


At night, I started to run fever. Then I felt into a vicious circle: Shiver-high fever-fever. My temperature ranged, as the least as 37 degrees and as the highest as over 42 degrees.


I went to the hospital the very early morning. I went through a series of test: blood test, urine test, Ultrasound B. All the test result pointed to one known fact: I was infected. However, none result could pinpoint the exact infected place.


The doctors, with seeing all eyes, shrugged it off and let respiratory tract to take the blame. Wherever was infected, it’s always safe to give me antibiotics and antipyretics.

After three days on intravenous drip, I had finally recovered from this mysterious fever. I hold doubts about the so-called URI diagnose. I didn’t have related symptom. I didn’t have sore throat, I didn’t cough. In fact, I was perfect healthy except running an extreme high fever.


Perhaps it’s supper moon post symptom. Once in 152 years. There’s got to be something special about it. Who knows?



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