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The Spring is Coming

Hot 1444 views. 2018-3-7 14:41 |Individual Classification:Daily Life

So engrossed in the troubles at hand, I hadn’t realized that the spring was coming.


Today, as if being herded by some mysterious fate, I came to a parking lot nearby. I almost forgot that the software park boasts to have the most beautiful parking lot in Chengdu. All the cherry blossoms are in full bloom now, shinning proudly under the sunlight. Many people stopped by to take pictures.


As if only in one day, the monotone of rigid winter has already been broken by the footsteps of the Spring. This parking lot breathes with the vibrancy of the nature.


There is a reason for people to fell in love with the Spring.


With its every step, the whole world turns into fully wake. While the rhythm of the spring beats to the sound of the city, a taste of promise lingers in the air. Yes, promise. I guess that is what held me most in Spring. It is generating on the air, flickering in the wake of breeze, glittering under the sunlight, and bursting with laughter at the heart of every flower.


As if with the leaving of gloomy winter, all the bad, the pains, and the troubles would go away.


That is what I should believe in now. After all, the Spring is coming!

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Reply teadrinking 2018-3-7 21:41
Spring has already come. Trees, flowers can't wait for the exciting moment. I also feel this good time from my deep heart. I know the best season is coming.

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