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Everlasting Youth

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There are so many poets, novels, songs about Youth. Youth, with its beaming smile, burning emotions and smooth face, is inarguable the best age for many. In “The picture of Dorian Gray”, the poor fellow even sells his soul for an everlasting youth.


I like my younger years, sometimes my memories would also linger on it, but never for too long.


The youth, like any other stage of my life, is just part of my life, neither the best part, nor the worst one.


Some wisdom of life, you can only acquire through the time.


When I was young, I made some terrible mistakes. For example, English happened to be my favorite and best subject at school. However, I was told that English major was a bad choice for me. I was terribly shy, and I couldn’t even communicate well in Chinese. So, what’s use for learning a different language? “You are cut out for technology.” I hear them saying, many times.


Just like that, I followed the other’s opinions and then regretted it for many years.


I was such a pushover. If I could turn back time, I would channel all my energies and strengths to amplify a big No. However, life allows no what-ifs


Youth is many things, but youth is not strong-minded. Looking back at my 20’s, I was just a girl, extremely shy, so unsure of myself as well as my future. I could be as manipulated as Dorian if I had not liked to keep the others in a safe distance.


So, why so obsessed in Youth? Just like the life has its ups and downs, every stage of the life has different charms and troubles.


Now I have to face with many pressures, problems from mid-life crisis, --a stage which is unfortunately linked to an annoying word “Greasing”. Nevertheless, I won’t panic. Years of experiences have toughed me up. I could take a deep breath, calm down and then deal with it.


Youth, for me, is a stage to fight for self-confidence. Grown-up is a long and painful progress and I won’t like to do it over even I could.


Nearly all of us have paid some prices for our reckless youth.


One of my friends, who came from a rich family, had so-called golden youth. Wine, girls, parties dominated his time in his 20s. He spent more time at clubs than at home. After married twice, and drank himself into the hospital, he was kicked out to Pakistan, Irap by his family, where he couldn’t go out without armed bodyguard, where he met his third wife, where he finally grew up to be a Man.


I came across him at the cinema several months ago. Time left him wrinkles on the face, and the grace of his figure was broken and deformed. However, when he stared at his daughter, there was something in him, something tender but strong, makes him to be the best of him.


Beauty is not the exclusive to the young. Sometimes life had to be in travail, that a personality would grow.


Therefore, don’t waste your time in useless pursue of Youth. Just better yourself and prepare well for the next stage of life. 

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