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187 views. 2019-2-12 10:05 |Individual Classification:Daily Life

Each holiday can be seen as a personal crusade against the 9 to 5 routines. The greater success you've gained during the holiday, either as exciting as travelling, or as sedentary as staying at home, the less comfortable it seems to be when you go back to work. 
But this is part of life. It takes me some efforts to get up at 6:00, and brace up for another normal day, with working, learning, family chores and everything a normal life requires of. 
I hate to think how challenge it might be for my husband, who after a whole year of the most painful long holiday, to get back to the society. 
It�s the first day for him to start a new job�in a new company at a new field. 
Of course it's great to have this opportunity, a life saver indeed. But it won�t be easy. 
There are a lot of adjustments and difficulties to overcome. Physically, he still can't drive, and he still can't sit very long. Mentally, he needs to learn a lot, to catch up with the society, to embrace challenges, pains, fears and even failures. 
But it�s the battle he has to fight, because it's not just for money, but more importantly, it's the battle to find his old self back, the man who is assured of a place in this society. 
It's also the way to get back to normal. No matter how we fight against the mundane, the normality, once loosing it, we would realize how grateful we should be just for being normal. 

It's also the treatment to get recovery. A doctor one�s suggested:" Find a job, go back to work" A degenerated bone has degenerated. But it's not one bone to support your body. Unfortunately, once you spend the whole day doing nothing but think about that degenerated bone, you amplify the pains and the other bones would start to stop working. Some diversions, only a job can offer.
It's better to fail trying than keep quitting. So fight.

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