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C Diary: Why didn’t I come here earlier?

212 views. 2019-6-6 12:12 |Individual Classification:Daily Life

All the doctors asked me the same question: “Why didn’t you come here earlier?” Well, actually when I first felt uncomfortable, I came to Chengdu First’s People Hospital and I was diagnosed as Mastitis (乳腺炎). I took the pills the doctor prescribed but it didn’t work. I’d thought inflammation was not a big deal, so I decided to push it aside and fully occupied with my son’s school selection battle. 


When it’s settled down and I thought it’s the time to deal with my little problem. Three months have already passed. 


You see, my husband is extremely sensitive to his health condition. For the past three years, I’ve watched how his overly concerns are worsening pretty much everything. Subconsciously I went into another extreme. Whether overly concerns or totally ignoring is terrible, like the South pole and the North pole, frozen and rigid all over. 


On the second time I came to First’s People Hospital, I still got the similar diagnose. Only this time, I was recommended to see a TCM doctor. After giving me a rough body check, the TCM doctor turned very serious. She asked me to do a Puncture test immediately. I should do it the first time because B and 造影proves nothing in my condition. 


How could I know that? And the mostly important question is : how the doctors in First’s People didn’t know that? 


With just a rough body check, the doctors from both Cancel hospital and Huaxi all came to the same conclusion: it could not be Mastitis.


The question is, normally you would not choose Cancel Hospital in the first place and as for Huaxi, you need to make an appointment at least a month in advance at their APP—with the help of fast hand speed and pure luck. 


After my husband got the news, he was on the phone for a whole night. That’s the way he handled a crisis, conducting every one he could find. And he finally got a very useful information: Huaxi has a green channel for Breast Cancel patient. 


Like another patient said, it was almost like winning a jacket pot. All the tests are handled with the first priority in green channel. Otherwise, you might need another half month to wait for a test result coming out. 


Want to hear my advice? Take care of yourself and don’t get sick. 


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