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C Dairy:Move forward Lightly

Hot 1300 views. 2019-8-8 12:35 |Individual Classification:C dairy

My breast cancer entered the stage of four around 2 months ago, roughly the same time that my son was going to start a new chapter of life: middle school.


The treatment of breast cancer in China have been very systematic and successful. It’s important for any patient to open your heart, to keep faith and have doctors treating it know about your conditions.

It is the first step of primary importance. For me personally it’s already one of my first priority and one of the most important weapons to face with this war: let go of my burdens, carry forward lightly and mostly importantly don’t let it ruin my life completely. That’s why I still keep learning English. It makes me feel good. Under such conditions, I can still make progress and better myself.


The tyranny of this disease and the massive number of the patients is just an example of how careless modern Chinese must have been towards our health. And ultimately these terrifying numbers from health bureau will serve as a warning notice today and will continue to do so for generations to come.


The following is a message from the bottom of my heart to this crisis of my life:



To breast cancer:


I hate you for everything, the time that you force me to waste in hospital and the time that you threaten to take away from me. For all the sufferings and pains you have brought to my body. For making me look awful, shaving my head, putting on my weight, and flecking my face with ugly spots. Because of your sinful smile at the wrong time. That’s why I hate you.


And for attacking me when I feel like I can’t go on any longer. For weighing me down when I want to have a run. For destroying my memories, for hurting me in this cruel way when nobody else does. That’s why I hate you.


Because when you threaten to take away my life, you give me reasons and I have to fight back. Because you have turned my life upside down, and you have given my eyes the glasses to look at the world differently. Because with you by my side, I have to be stronger and tougher. That’s why I hate you but I still thank you… And for the infinite reasons that I discover every day.



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Reply teadrinking 2019-8-9 22:36
The earlier about the discovery of breast cancer, the higher the possibility of cure on this disease. The attitude to the current issue says you are optimistic, positive, and studious. Wish you are well.

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