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Three tips when you are caged

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I’m a stay-at-home type all in all. And because of the cancer, I’ve been holed up at home for around half a year. So you could say that the current situation doesn’t bother me as much as it does to the others. After all being caged, threatened and trapped has already become an inseparable part of my life. But still it’s not the same. Like you are a caged wound animal and you got used to lick your wound alone, and then suddenly you have to go through it all over again with two newbies. As if since you are not new to this, you should know how to help the others to deal with it---how should I know? It’s not something like foods that you can simply share with. I could formalize my experiences into a theory. But theory is not a remedy, and it can’t work on everyone. 

Still, here are some tips:

First of all, plan your schedule. Don’t get up, eat and sleep at any time you want. Several days it might be okay, or even feel like heaven at first. However, with time blurring together, you would be shocked how swift you would go from the heaven to the hell. Believe it or not, nothing could be more devastating than a floppy, messy-up life style when you are caged. On the contrary, a constructed time table would give you a sense of normalcy, sometimes even better, a sense of fulfillment.

Second, don’t be overloaded with information, and learn to narrow it down with what’s the essential. Expose yourself to unfiltered messages would be a huge mistake and too many information would only further complicate your already knotted thoughts. Bottom line: Don’t get overwhelmed. Anyway, limit your screen time and fill it with something more productive—like reading, writing and learning.

Third, do regular exercise. Whether you are faced with cancer or virus, you need to boost your immune system. So, movement is the key. You can get tons of ways online to exercise indoor. The key is getting your muscles working and getting your blood flowing. By doing it, it makes you feel great---not so helpless and vulnerable, sometimes it even gives you the hope: you might win this battle.

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Reply IMNONARCISSUS 2020-2-15 21:49
wonderful tips!

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