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Surgery in time of COVID-19

288 views. 2020-5-15 12:39 |Individual Classification:C dairy

Surgery in time of COVID 19 Day 3: One of my wardmates is pretty young, in her late twenties. Fortunately in the unfortunates, her cancer hasn’t spread yet and yesterday she got a breast-sparing surgery.

I got a bad sleep last night, so I could hear her husband tossing and turning for almost a whole night, and this morning her doctor came and told them that if they considered having a baby in the future, she could freeze her eggs before taking chemotherapy.

The first question her husband blurted it out is: “Does it hurt?” he asked in a low voice, and then added: “What matters is her health, as for baby, we could adopt one.” His voice was slow but determined.

Because of COVID-19, each patient can only have one accompanying family her after the surgery. For many elder people, it’s a tough choice to make: husband or children? Emotionally I guess many prefer to have their husbands here, but logically taking care of the sick is too much for an old man. Still, in many cases, emotion wins.

Faced up with the threat of death, love shows itself in many little details.

This morning, I received flooding messages from Shirley and Tanya. They recommend TV programs, told me jokes, shared news and information with me. And they kept doing that for the last three days. Listening to their messages, it’s like showering in the warmth of sunlight.

Life sometimes sucks. But the beauty of it, the bright side of it can always give me the strengths to hold on.



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