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The painted veil---Love is BLIND

Hot 138 views. 2020-6-28 12:04 |Individual Classification:Review

The more I read this book, the deeper I fall in love with Walter. Seriously.


‘He was at his best when you were ill; he was too intelligent to exasperate, and his touch was pleasant, cool, and soothing. By some magic, he seemed able by his mere presence to relieve your suffering.’


As a patient, I would love him simply for this character alone. He is terribly shy and silent, so what? I am helplessly shy myself and I also feel uncomfortable in those social events. He is not a very successful man, but he is kind, intelligent and strong-willed, isn’t that enough? I am not so ambitious about life any way but I have little tolerance towards the stupidity.


He could be a perfect match for me. But, unfortunately there is always a but and I dislike this one the most. To fall in love with someone that you think you should is one thing, BUT to love in reality is just another story.


Love is blind and unreasonable. I know, all those feelings, the loud heartbeats, or giant butterflies in our stomach are pure chemicals, the adrenaline rush and they won’t last forever. True love runs deeply and takes time to grow. Still, we need that chemical thing to kindle the flame of love, to allow the chance for it to grow. That’s is the problem.


My husband is like my opposite. We are different in almost everything. Therefore, there are a lot of conflicts and disagreements in our marriage. It would be a lot easier for me to fall in love with a guy like Walter. However, you never know. Love leaves little space for Should, really.


Honestly, I don’t know if there is still chance for Kitty and Walter. Until now, even Kitty sees the greatness in Walter, for her, it’s still unattractive greatness. On the other hand, she knows that Charlie is just a second-rate worthless fellow, she still couldn’t tear the love from her heart and it still lingers there.

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Reply Sophia.JIANG 2020-7-2 21:34
I don't understand love up to now. But i know usually the Mr.Love is not a good choice for marriage.

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