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Legend of Deification

370 views. 2020-10-3 07:58 |Individual Classification:Review

The stunt and scenes are truly mind-blowing and breath-taking, but that can’t compensate for the lame plot-line. That’s how I feel about the newly released movie’ Legend of Deification”. (姜子牙)


The first part of the story focuses on a “trolley problem”: Is it right to kill an innocent people to save the world? If this movie is trying to deliver the message: It is not a math problem when it comes to saving lives, and every life is worthy of saving. I have to say this is not a very successful trying.


You can’t expect to make such a tricky question less tricky in a cartoon movie. One life VS the world, in that extreme cases, I’m sorry but it has to be just a math problem.


Besides if that’s the whole point, are 四不象 and 申公豹 also worthy trying to save? Just because they are like family to the hero (姜子牙), so their lives are not to save but to sacrifice? Where is the logic?


If this movie really wants to dig deeper, there is a lot to do. Fighting against the authority, unknow what’s you known, and the feminism---yeah, feminism, it’s ridiculous to blame 妲己 for everything—she just listens to the god, and it’s 纣王 that ruined his own emperor but in the end everyone has become a god, she was the only one to take the blame and carry the consequences.


That’s where should be reversed, but in this movie, 妲已 is still the bad guy who wants to climb up and put her whole flock under the danger.


Among all those things to dig deeper, you choose the “trolley problem?”  Honestly that’s really not a smart choice.

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