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Shares My dearest dear
2009-7-20 08:57
Today is your birthday. Perhaps I should say something romantic and passionate to you, something like I love you with every ounce of my spirit. However, after seven years marriage, we can’t expect that kick of chemistry, like downing a pot of coffee, is still there, can we? Days are long go ...
Individual Classification: Reflection|467 views|7 replies
Shares Bleeding love
2009-6-17 10:06
The furthest distance in the world is neither between life and death, nor as it is described in Tagore’s poems: when I stand in front of you, you do not know I love you. The furthest distance in the world, I decided, is when you are around, but I still feel this deep, bone- ...
Individual Classification: Fairytale|304 views|4 replies
Shares On NEET Group
2009-6-11 15:26
NEET group means those young people who not currently engaged in Education, Employment or Training. And now this so called boomerang phenomenon has become a social problem in China. I never understand why someone would prefer to give up their independence---their ...
Individual Classification: Reflection|1276 views|3 replies
Shares A baby who smoking
2009-6-11 13:44
Never in my wildest imaginations had I envisioned blushing at a baby’s words. Here I was, staring at the little boy (two, or at top three years old, still a baby in my eyes) in the video, blushing. He was speaking the language that literally made me blush. Furthermore, it’s no ...
Individual Classification: Reflection|375 views|3 replies
Shares A stranger in mirror
2009-6-8 15:41
A few drinks at Hot Dance, followed by dinner and scintillating conversations with someone we barely know, followed by late-night dancing, everyone was left exhilarated and extremely cheerful. Under the cover of the night, there was something relaxing and liberating that strung up atmosphere ...
Individual Classification: Fairytale|319 views|2 replies
Shares Hell Fire
2009-6-6 22:03
It was just another normal day, so peaceful and ordinary that it seemed nothing would go wrong, nothing dare to go wrong. When Bus 9 finally pulled in, the impatient commuters soon gathered in front of the door and jostled their way into it. No one seemed to have the slightest idea about the i ...
Individual Classification: Reflection|350 views|4 replies
Shares Man and Woman
2009-6-5 10:49
High-maintenance woman, what an interesting phrase. I learned it form Linda Howard’s To Die For . After reading this story, I can’t help but thinking about this question: what makes a high-maintenance woman so attractive in man’s eyes? Any man with a bit of common sense would prefer a ...
Individual Classification: Daily Life|443 views|8 replies
Shares Boy Meets Girl
2009-6-4 13:43
By which way do you prefer to meet your Mr./Ms. Right? Unexpected, toe-cured exciting chance-meet or well-arranged, sweatily awkward blinddate? The answer is obvious if you have options. However, in most cases you simply don't. Still I never imagined that one d ...
Individual Classification: Daily Life|432 views|4 replies
Shares Game we are playing (Fiction)
2009-6-3 13:50
That night at a coffee shop, J, you and I were sitting together and playing the cards. The outside was raining, and the inside was buzzing with talks and laughers. You and J kept teasing me about my bad plays. You laughed like a schoolboy. The atmosphere here was so comfortab ...
Individual Classification: Fairytale|401 views|7 replies
Shares Running a fever
2009-6-2 11:03
Nothing can grip a parent more than a sick baby. Yu was running a fever of 39 degree yesterday. This fever came on so suddenly that one minute he played cheerfully with his toys and the next his skin felt like it was on fire. We knew a baby at his age was prone to temp, however looking at his h ...
Individual Classification: Mummy's Whisper|593 views|5 replies

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