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Such a girl like me

703 views. 2012-7-8 23:14 |

  I admit that I am not an optimistic girl! I like sitting here on my own, thinking something of the past and dreaming about the future when I have nothing to do. I always hide the real thing、the real feeling inside my heart when I am vexed、unhappy and depressed, because I don't want to let my friends、my relatives to worry me. So I am used to pretend, pretend I'm happy, pretend nothing had happened. No one can really understand me, even my family member! Sometimes I feel that I am so tired! I want to change it, but it's very difficult,I think!As the words say, Not many people know Libra 's injuries, . Because Libra children always hide very deep very deep wound ...

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Reply shirleyytt2010 2012-7-9 08:05
I think you do not have to pretend yourself to be happy all the time. Just show the real you to others.
Reply Jenny-liangquan 2012-7-9 08:41
Yes! A foreigner friend of mine also tells me like this! So I just want to have a try
Reply sunnyv 2012-7-9 08:46
Everyone has to suffer betrayal, deception, disappointments, failuire, spitefulness and so on in our lives. This is how we build our resilence, strength and confidence. Everyone uses different methods to resolve such adversity, hardships or unpleasant experience.

It is not necessary to disclose your sufferings to friends and relatives, but when you can identify an understanding and knowledgeable friend, you can confide into him/her. Quite often the bystander can see things more clearly than you from a different angle. You can also try to overcome these adversities by analysing them yourself.

There are  many people in situations like you or even worse and you are not alone You should think positively, brush aside the unhappy incidents, consider changing your thoughts, lifestyle and have deeper visiion. There are lots of hidden opportunities out there and you need to discover them for you benefit. Wish you happy day ahead.
Reply Jenny-liangquan 2012-7-9 08:56
Sunnyv! Thank you for your comments! Your suggestion will be useful to me! I will try!
Reply loly90 2012-7-9 21:06
Dear jenny, you are a nice and smart girl, i believe you can do better in the future
Reply Jenny-liangquan 2012-7-9 21:21
enen! I believe! You are also a intelligent girl! I believe you will be success one day! Be a strong women!!
Reply colin0126 2012-7-9 21:38
You can show the real yourself to your friends and relatives,do not need to hide your emotions,I belive they will like the real friends.Try to like yourself.
Reply Jenny-liangquan 2012-7-9 22:37
Yeah! I will have a try!
Reply Iris0311 2012-7-26 16:25
look,there are so many people supporting you! so you have to show your real happy to yourself and others!
Reply Jenny-liangquan 2012-7-26 21:49
enen! I will try!

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