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My younger brother

626 views. 2012-7-23 23:37 |

It seems I haven't written new blog for a long time! Because I have no mood in these day and there have many thing that make me very confused. It's about my younger brother. He is 17 years old now, but he is still the same as before and has nothing change. I'm very worry about him.

My family is not very rich and my parents are just a farmer.  In order to give us a good education, they work very hard! The reason that they are so hard is just hoping that we can study well and have a good job in the future. But my younger brother doesn't think much of it, and still looks like a little boy as before. Having no sense of responsibility, don't study hard, very lazy and so on! My family members always call him and tell him how to learn to be a the sense of responsibility person, so do I! But he doesn't listen! We all hope that he can grow up in thoughts! Hoping he can change something!

If there have something wrong with my grammar, thank you for pointing it out!

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Reply Soar 2012-7-24 14:40
There be
Reply Jenny-liangquan 2012-7-24 21:06
I don't understand!     "there have"     Is it not right?
Reply Iris0311 2012-7-26 16:20
belive yourself and belive your young brother,you can make a pretty life in time!
Reply Jenny-liangquan 2012-7-26 21:58
I hope so!
Reply xiaonai 2012-8-5 16:53
I did not find any mistake , but I want you brother getting will

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