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walk, walk and walk 2009-10-21
Last sunday we did a little hiking from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m..  We walked along the Shandong's second largest reservoir----Chanzhi(产芝)rese ...
(329) Views|(5) Replies
still alone 2009-09-22
It's a long time from I recognized that i liked a boy. Aha, surely, I didn't tell that boy about my feelings. We are just friend till now, and even be ...
(429) Views|(13) Replies
feelings 2009-08-17
I find that I liked a boy, so much, when i am in such a age—25 years old. I thought I am not going to fall in love with any one person, only to find ...
(430) Views|(7) Replies
Girl, learn to live independently 2009-08-06
Two years ago, I came to Qingdao from Nanjing for my BF,(my hometown is Weifang). But some days ago, we broke up. So long a time i have no courage to ...
(482) Views|(7) Replies
Designated forwarder's attitude is very bad, right? 2009-07-31
Same as the title, I feel angry at the forwarder. When they tell me sth or ask me sth about the cargo and the documents, they speak in such a tone of ...
(605) Views|(8) Replies

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珞韩 2009-8-16 23:23 hehe...drooling
珞韩 2009-8-9 22:41
pomegranate~~too attractive,and i have a good looking , it lead me feel so greedy~~^^
gary 2009-7-28 15:00
please help me to kill the big post on my farm ,thank u.
danielrayslee 2009-7-25 09:03
Be my teacher, alright?
danielrayslee 2009-7-23 09:16 Maybe I konw less than you, no, it is must! I just learned a number of theoretical knowledge & did not practice after graduation, and the theoreti
Does not matter, I believe that you were good at it, and with my bothering you, you could recall all those good old days when you were so brilliant with your major.
danielrayslee 2009-7-23 08:56 My hometown is Weifang, I studyed in Nanjing, and now i am in Qingdao.  Aha, it is not soooooooooooooo cool, coz it's hard for a girl to find a
My interpretation involves with engineering. I wanna learn from you more.
danielrayslee 2009-7-23 08:08 Yes, but at uni I studyed engineering, so my en is not so good, especially the oral en.
Where are you from? A girl great at engineering? that's gonna be soooooooooooooooooo cool
danielrayslee 2009-7-22 10:19 yes. English interpreter, I am envious of you. You must be good at en. My en is so poor, it's a pity.
Um, my en is great. But you must be good at English to be an International Trade Merchandizer, right?
danielrayslee 2009-7-22 09:06 International Trade Merchandiser. What about you?
国际商务跟单? I am an English interpreter
danielrayslee 2009-7-22 08:35 I don't like it that much. Hehe, just coz having not other games to play
What kind of work are you doing now?
danielrayslee 2009-7-22 08:27
Why do you like to play so much?
danielrayslee 2009-7-22 08:22 Has i stolen yours? and are you angry?
I never played this game. Not to worry
danielrayslee 2009-7-21 10:59
Stealing your fruit? You love the game that much?
andymotu 2009-7-3 12:07 Well, you sleep late at night, and always steal my fruits.
working hard and earning much money!
gary 2009-6-19 10:28 Yes, i am in Qingdao. That photo is Mahone's. You stolen my fruit.
just a little ,hehe. don't narrowness.
gary 2009-6-19 08:48 No, I am typical chinese!
o,you are typical chinese ,i made a mistake by your photo firstly ,sorry . r u live in Qingdao ?
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