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Shares Tom' son Room
2022-11-22 12:45
It's 7:30 on Tuesday Morning. i just wake up buy my son he is late for school. Classes begin at 7:20. i says to my son: Jeck,it's late. you must be quick. Look Jeck room. what a mess! His books are on the floor.His shoes are on the desk. i said: you must take good care of your things. Jeck ...
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Shares Sales is the core & soul of business
2022-8-4 19:34
1 Sales meansimproving yourself.
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Shares English may so that speak
2022-7-28 23:19
we learn English no free talk because we not right ways. London,my love.Here I come.
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Shares Happy a day
2022-5-31 07:44
we go to work on 7:30 everyday. today i had noodles this morning. i like eat the noodles.
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Shares i need take exercise
2021-12-14 22:01
today i have got the gym. i think my body need take exercise.
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Shares i am thinks
2021-12-3 17:08
peoples are busy, but not happy. the reasons are more for this. the mort importans is :not right thinks.we need smart not only hard. smart is first for our life.
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Shares I'm very busy
2021-12-1 17:19
Today i get up eraly on AM6:30. I have a breakfast about rice. I go to work on AM7:20 A lots of things need us do. but we eat fish we drink wine at noon. i feel like substantial day.
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Shares work & study
2021-3-17 16:30
hello, everthing well. i left the company on December 1st last year 。 now i work study everyday. work for myself my family. study for myself more best work. study can make people strong. i should keep on studying. hope goes well!
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