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10 High-paying Jobs for The Introverted 2015-06-23
10. Social media manager  社交媒体经理 Median annual pay: $45,000 收入中位数:$45,000(≈¥279,338) Introverts don't dislike peo ...
(1296) Views|(7) Replies
Can Jeans be "Smart"? 2015-06-05
What if you never had to pull out your phone to dismiss an incoming call? That's the type of future Google and  Levi's are envisioning. ...
(1002) Views|(4) Replies
What We Can Learn From A Broken Relationship 2015-06-04
A broken relationship does not mean only loss. It teaches us how to get along well with someone else and how to be a better yourself. 失恋不仅仅意味 ...
(1077) Views|(10) Replies
The Water You Drink Is Dinosaur Pee 2015-06-03
The next time you reach for a glass of water, remember this; you could be about to sip on dinosaur pee. 记住,下次你拿起一杯水时,你可能正 ...
(3205) Views|(6) Replies
Magic Tools of Doraemon 2015-06-02
The  Fourth-Dimensional Pocket of Doraemon leaves us unlimited memories and surprises, such as the  Take-Copter and Time Machine. There al ...
(2505) Views|(3) Replies

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