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  • The only thing for certain is uncertainty. The eternal unchanging is ever changing。 Reply
  • The pain and glory,loss and euphoria,sorrow and bliss,through the ups and downs of your ever-changing world,makes you the only one ,the constant one in the universe. Reply
  • At the end of my life, with just one breath left,If you come, I'll sit up and sing.  Reply
  • You Criminally Plunder entire nations of our resources ,Strategic Reserves And Economies Without a code of ethics,Never Help Smaller Scale Business Out 。Who will Like u,You Filthy Rich Bitches!! Reply
  • Slow down and enjoy life. It's not only the scenery you miss by going too fast - you also miss the sense of where you are going and why. Reply
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country roads take me home:All for Incalculable love 2017-01-14
It's really good to be back hometown. 搜索 复制 The call of the nostalgia  has  always had  a special hold on me. The fresh flavor ...
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Can u get it ? I PSed this picture 2015-12-30
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The greater madness, the greater happiness 2015-10-25
I 've been on a visit to GuanDi Temple. Not for fun or curiosity,But for the sake of Superstition. My wife's mother bound herself by a vow that if her ...
(345) Views|(1) Replies
Eating dog meat? A War begins! 2015-06-20
  You would like to eat dog meat if you happen to visit the Yulin city in Guangxi province these days ,would you ?    Eating dog m ...
(439) Views|(4) Replies
God and My Goddess 2014-12-22
      I want to tell the story.       I'd managed to remain detached until then. Until the moment  I saw her being ...
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xjlmb 2013-5-11 23:22
   Don't let little things upset u . Think good things in the future~~`
start007 2013-5-11 17:30
xjlmb: Look at  u ,What did u say . Of course we everybody care about u ,even we don't know each other . We aren't utilitarians .  Just lack of speaking to u ...
Just think of something suddenly, haha~ Can't I grumble?
cestlavie 2013-3-23 15:01
welcome to join us:))
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