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My 11.11 shopping day

381 views. 2018-11-12 12:06 |Individual Classification:life

    I take part in the yesterday 11.11 shopping day for the first time. I emptyed my shopping cart and get many great goods in a lower price. I took 1500 yuans for the goods and saved more than 400 yuans than usual.

    I know the 11.11 shopping day for many years and want to buy something on the day, but I quit or just buy few things in the end. Because there are many problems let me quit: It's a waste of time to grap a red envelope with just 0.1 to 1 yuan inside;  It's so complex to find the discount coupons and find the way how to use it; Prices of some good rising before and giving us a discount on the shopping day , and we get some goods in the same price as usual in the end;  We have to buy some unnecessary goods to meet the discount requirement. All of that made me headach and let me quit in the end.

    But all of that became more and more easy and real this year, besides I have many things to buy. I began to select the good which we need a half month ago and buy them in the shopping day. There are more discount and rebate than I respect and I placed the order and paid for that as soon as possible.  That save me some money, and more important is that most of the goods are necessary for me. Take a electric pressure cooker for example, the price is 499 to 799 in malls besides  the price is 399 in a electric business plat in the normal time. But I got the cooker at the price of 280 RMB in the shopping day. That's make me happy.

    The 11.11 shopping day has became a shopping festival in just ten years. The business volume reached 230 billions yuans in the Nov.11 of Taobao platform, and more than tens time of American black friday.  There are many others platforms such as Jingdong, Sunning, Vipshop and so on also take part in the festival.   The shopping day showing the strong purchasing power and the electric business  of China.

     Waitting for the next shopping days at Dec.12nd, the lunar New Year, May 1st,  Jun.18th, National day and so on.


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