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My wife want to be a housewife

Hot 1314 views. 2018-12-28 23:07 |Individual Classification:life

     Today I talked with my wife on the wechat. She told me that she want to quit job and to be a housewife. I know she was not so earnest about that. I know that it's a hard work to take care our kids from my daughter's birth, and I can't go home to help her except the weekend because the long distance.  And she was blamed by his boss today.  It maybe just her complain. But She had said that several times. Should I will agree with her.

      I don't want to let her quit her job not only for supporting the family, although it's a ignored reason.  I am not a rich man, and I just earn my salary in a common position. It isn't enough to to support the house loan, children education cost, daily life consume, and we have to take care our parents in the near future. I don't know if any accident will happen in the future. I think I can get a better job with a good salary before, but I am not confident with that after sending more than one thousand resumes this year. I even can't find a job near my home in order to take care my children. So I am not so confident with my career plan in the future. I found that I was a mid-aged man in other man's eyes now. It's not easy to get a position for a mid-aged man, especially it seemed that I am not so professional in one area.  All of that is a risk for my family, I can't afford all the family's future on my back. I will work hard to do better but I don't think I  can control the future.  It's irresponsible  for the family. Not only the excuse of me.

      Then, I don't think it's a good choice to be a housewife for a woman. Work is an important part of life in all my life although it's always hard. You can get your social hub, the sense of achievement and keep the pace with the social. I know  it's hard to take care little babies and it always make you crazy. But there will be only kids and TV in your life if you quit your job. The kids will grow up and leave you in the future and what will left in your life. And it's not easy to find a good job if you want to work again 10 years later. That must a sad story. And maybe I 'll sick or dead in an accident, What will you do to support the children and parents. You may say that it is my excuse to avoid the pressure to support the family. But I really think that it's ture.

       So, I don't agree with you. It's better for me, you and all the family.  And I will do more to take care all the family. All the hard time will passed.

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Reply teadrinking 2018-12-31 21:55
As a man and the backbone in a family, especially as the position of a husband, I totally understand your tough situaion. Your wife must consider this situation too. Too take care of kids is not an easy job. So you feel burdened.

You can talk with her and for the time being she can take care of kids by quitting her job as long as the saving is affordable at present. When the kids grow up in few years when they can live well more independently, she can go back to work.

I am not so sure about your current situation. May you live and work well. Life is not easy, particularly for a mid-age man. Take care.

Best in 2019.
Reply wangjide01 2019-1-2 15:01
teadrinking: As a man and the backbone in a family, especially as the position of a husband, I totally understand your tough situaion. Your wife must consider this ...
Thanks for your words and advice. All of us know that it's not a easy thing. Fortunately, It's just complain than   action.

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