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It's a difficult thing to support children without the help of our parents.

79 views. 2019-3-4 20:10 |Individual Classification:life

    My daughter borned at the beginning of 2018, which is my second child. 

    Me and my wife both borned at 1981,  we still can have a child when the two-child policy came.My wife want the second child athough I know that isn't a easy thing. Both of us have our work , so it's not a difficult thing to support two children and we prefer to support them in a poor way.

    The big problem is how to take care the two children.  It's not easy for us to support all the family by one people to work. my work location has a long distance from my house, so I just  go home at the weekends,  my wife also have to get up early and go home late at night.  And we don't want to quit from our career as mid-aged men.  Our parents are over 65 and have bad health conditions, My father-in law even injured these day.  It will take 10 years for a child to go to school by himself. Before that, adults have to take care them , send and get them from school.   I don't know how can we operate it  if the parents is too old to help us taking care the children.

     These days, we get a nursey class to get the elder child from school in the afternoon besides my wife send him to shchool in the morning. Hope the parents is health enough to help us to taking care my daughter until kindergarten.  And I have to get a job near my home.  In that way we can take care the children by ourselves.

       We can't support two children without the help of our parents. Thanks a lot and hope they all have a good health conditions.

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