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I became a shield because my little brother's marriage problems

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      My little brother still single at the age of 33s. That isn't a big problem for a man who worked Shanghai,  but it becoming a more and more anxious thing for my family members and relatives who still live in the country.  My mother even can't sleep somtimes because the anxiety, especially in the last two years.  They want to push my little brother to have a girlfriend and get marriged as soon as possible.

       On the contary,  my little brother seemed not so hurry to get a girlfriend, although he hope that.  He is an independent man and have a good job, and have his own mind of the standard of his Miss right. The problem is,  he always told us that he has no feeling for the girl after meeting with several girls, and he won't to marry a common girl .  And he don't tell us what kind of girl is his Miss right.  He even refuse to talk and answer the phone about the topic with others after some inquiry.  Now, he hid himself in his own world and no one knows his thought.   And we don't want to give too much pressure to crazy him.

       But the anxiety is still exist,  so they turned to me  to get more information because we work in the same city. I visit him each one or two monthes and talk for hours,  we can talk many things except love. So what I tell them is my little brother is OK, don't worry about him.  He even refuse me to meet me these two monthes because my visit is also pressure to him.   Now, I have to receive many calls from family members to him.  What I can do is blocked the calls, tell them don't worry about him and don't give some pressure to him.

        He's an independent man and he's eld enough to choose his own life, although I don't agree with his thought of love.  I also understanding family members anxiety too.  Maybe give him more time to decided what he want and give more pacify to my family members is the best choice for me.  I hope my little brother will get his Miss right in the soon later.


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Reply freefu55 2019-7-16 14:54
You are a good brother, don't worry about him, things will be all fine.
Reply wangjide01 2019-7-17 14:05
freefu55: You are a good brother, don't worry about him, things will be all fine.
I hope so. Thanks for your wishes
Reply shirleyytt2010 2019-9-7 16:22
You have a good understanding of your brother. Maybe he is still not find the suitable lady to get married. But your family member's worry is not wrong, they hope that your brother can finish get married ASAP.

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