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Old friends

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There's nothing to tell! 没什么好说的。
He's just some guy I work with! 他只是跟我一起工作而已。
Carol moved her stuff out today. 卡罗今天把她的东西搬走了。
Did I say that out loud? 我很大声地说了吗?
She didn't know, how should I know? 她都不知道,我怎么会知道?
I am feeling a lot of pain right now. 我现在很痛苦。
How did you get through it? 你是怎样熬过来的?
Why am I doing this, and who am I doing this for? 我为什么要做这个?我又为了谁?
Who am i gonna ask? 我应该问谁呢?
What if I don't wanna do that? 如果我不做呢?
Well, it matters to me! 但对我来说很重要!
It's a metaphor. 这只是个比喻。
What does that mean? 那是什么意思?
I never made coffee before. 我以前从未做过咖啡。
Push her down the stairs! 把她推下楼!
Put the book back. 把书放回去。
I'm sorry, I didn't catch your name. Paul, was it? 不好意思,我没听清楚你的名字。保罗是吗?
I thought he was a good guy. 我以为他是好人。
You are trained for nothing. 你书都白念了。
You(really)know me well. 你真了解我。
How did you pay for them? 你用什么付钱?
I know (exactly) how you feel. 我知道你的感受。
Look what I just found on the floor. 看看我在地板上找到什么?
Let's split it. 我们分了它吧。
what's with you? 你怎么了?
What did you get? 你得到了什么?
You know what the scariest part is? 你知道最可怕的是什么吗?
What were you gonna say? 你刚才想说什么?
Wish me luck! 祝我好运吧!
You can't live off your parents your whole life. 你不能一辈子都靠父母。
I can't believe what I'm hearing here. 我简直不敢相信自己的耳朵。
Was he doing it again? 他又这样做了吗?
Serious? 真的吗?/ 严重吗?
That's not why we bought the ticket。那并不是我们买票的原因。
Are you still talking about football? 你们还在谈论足球吗?
She has issues. 她有点意见。
Why are you here? 你怎么会在这里?/ 你来这里干什么?
She is pregnant. 她怀孕了。
There's some(kind of)misunderstanding between them. 他们之间有误会。
I've already seen this one! (看电视时)这集我看过了。
Are you through with that? 你喝完了吗?
Whose little ball of paper is this?! 这是谁的纸团?
Let me fluff the pillow. 让我把枕头拍松一下。
You're scaring me. 你吓到我了。
You're like all chaotic and twirly. 你看起来很慌张。/ 你慌慌张张的。
He can do no wrong. 他不可能犯错。
Has anybody seen my engagement ring? 有人看到我的订婚戒指吗?
Don't touch that. 不要碰它。
You stomped on my heart in front of my (entire) family! 你让我在全家人面前出丑!
We will find it. 我们会找到它的。
Don't be mad. 不要生气。
I can't do it. 我办不到。
You might be where he is right about now if you keep doing this.
They wanted me to be involved. 他们想我加入。
What's that curry taste? 怎么会有咖喱味?
Why is he going to call me? 他怎么会要给我电话?
She just graduated. 她刚毕业。
We don't have to know that. 我们不需要知道。
Could you come and help me with the spaghetti, please? 可以过来帮我弄一下意大利面条吗?
I think it might take some of the heat off me. 我想这样可以让我喘口气。
What's that (supposed to) mean?  那是什么意思呢?
Nothing! It's an expression. 没有,随便说说而已。
Don't listen to your fother. 不要听你爸乱说。
They are satisfied with staying where they are. 他们安于现状。
We don't have that problem. 我们没有那个问题。
What happened between you and him? 你们之间发生什么事了?
Here's the deal. / Here's what happened. 事情是这样的。
She's pregnant with my child, and we are going to raise the baby. 
You knew about this? 这些你都知道吗?
What does she do? 她是做什么工作的?
I kinda gotta clean up now. 我要开始打扫了。
He is a only child. 他是个肚生子。
I don't have any problem of this. 我没有这种问题。/ 我没有这种烦恼。
How long was he in there? 他在那里呆多久了?
Got any advice? 有什么建议吗?
When did it get so complicated? 什么时候变得那么复杂了?
Remember when we were in high school together? 还记得我们的高中时代吗?
I never thought I'd be here. 我从未想过自己会落得如此地步。
How could I forget? 我怎能忘记?
Good shake. Good shake. (握手时)你/他/她的手好有力。
Does she familiar with the situation? 她熟悉情况吗?
She's very supportive. 她很支持。
He's gonna be here for hours. 他要在这里呆几个小时。
She's gagging. 她快断气了。
I dumped him. 我甩了他。
How's this gonna work? 这件事怎样处理?
Give me a 'for instance'. 比如说。。。?/ 举个例子。
I got a job. 我找了份工作。
Why are you so tanned? 你怎么晒得那么黑?
I really wanted to thank you. 我真的得感谢你。
I thought we were happy。 我以为我们很快乐。
Spit! 吐出来。
Thank you for giving it to me. 谢谢你把它送给我。
Thank you for giving it back. 谢谢你把它还给我。
Why is she in the title? 为什么她会有份?
She gets a credit. 她把功劳都抢走了。
Any nausea? 想呕吐吗?
I don't want to be involved in this thing. 我不想卷进这件事。
Isn't that amazing? 很神奇吧?
What are we supposed to be seeing here?  我们要看什么?
Tilt your head to the left. 头向左边移。
You're gonna be an aunt. 你要当姑姑了。
It was a cheap shot. 阴招。/ 贱招。
We should do it again. 我们得再做一次。
Since when? 什么时候开始的?
Relax your hand! 手放松。
Give it to me. 把它给我。
Don't think of it as a cigarette. 不要把它当成香烟。
I feel complete. 我感到满足。
That's ridiculous!  那太荒谬了!
What did they do to you? 他们对你怎样了?
There's five hundred extra dollars in my account. 我的户口上多了500美元。
Keep it. 你留着吧。
We're with you。 我们支持你。/ 我们站你那边。
You've been so good, for three years! 这3年来你表现很好。
This is your reward! 这是给你的奖励。
Put it out! 熄了它!
How's it going? 进展得怎样?
When do we get to meet the guy?  我们什么时候可以见到他?
I don't even know how I feel about him yet. 我也不知道自己对他感觉怎样。
Can we meet him? 我们可以见他吗?
Why should I let you meet him? 我为什么要让你去见他?
They're just looking out after you. 他们只是关心你。 
The odds of that happening are a little slimmer. 发生这种事情的机会很少。/ 机会渺茫。
Let it go. 不要理它了。/ 别再想了。
You don't know him. 你并不了解他。
I will be good. 我会很乖的。
Do you all promise?  你们保证?
Do you promise to be good? 你保证会很乖?
Thank you for calling attention to our error. 谢谢你提醒我们的错误。
What bank is this? 这是什么银行?
He's here. 他来了。
Be good. 乖。/ 别乱来。
I've heard so much about you! 我对你的名字如雷贯耳。/ 久仰大名。
let's let the Alan-bashing begin. 让我们开始攻击亚伦吧。

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these sentences are very useful.
thanks for your sharing.

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