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  • Real NameGo_ES
  • GenderMale
  • Birthday1989 - 1 - 14
  • Birthplace海南 文昌
  • Residence江苏 南京
  • Blood TypeB
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  My darling, my lover, my beautiful wife: Marrying you has screwed up my life 我的心肝,我的挚爱,我美丽的贤妻, 我这辈子就 ...
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Reading(quote No.3^^) 2009-08-08
Reading   All the wisdom of ages, all the stories that have delighted mankind for centuries, are easily and cheaply available ...
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the Roll Call Game!☞named by youthy 2009-08-06
RULES: Ⅰ. This game is originated from Lady shawle Ⅱ. These people who were named need to answer my questions,after ...
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☜For my first l♥ve letter☞ 2009-08-04
For my first l♡ve letter   This is a long story. You must be patient with it. ^^   I a ...
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香Chanel 2010-8-19 19:58
Go_ES: nice to meet U 2
huntermossly 2010-3-31 23:55
Go_ES: oh~Rukawa's fan again~hehe~nice to meet you
Sharer 2010-3-26 14:47
Your head picture pulls me back to the fantastic past. Nice meeting you !
huntermossly 2010-3-20 22:54
hello, i love slam dunk too.
but i like Rukawa Kaede better..haha
glad to meet u..
Oldguypeter 2010-1-16 21:55
Sorry - send my late "Best wishes and happy birthday" to you!
sarah2046 2009-12-7 09:11
Go_ES: Thank you for your cencern.~~busy but enrichment~~hehe~~how about you?
i'm fine too,can't  complain
yaoyaocaoxiang 2009-12-4 14:59
hello,pretty guy.have a good day!
sarah2046 2009-12-2 22:19
hey,guy,how's it going?
vivian_lee 2009-10-10 19:57
i like your Profile Picture~~
Lvjunchao 2009-10-3 12:30
May I have your real name ?
Lvjunchao 2009-10-3 12:24
Hi I'm Lvjunchao from Anhui university of technology. May I add you as my friend?
Oldguypeter 2009-9-30 18:06
Happy National Day and Best Wishes to the Diamond Jubilee of the Founding of Our Motherland!
hejia 2009-9-11 21:00
Go_ES: hihi~~let's learn it together
ok, Friend see you tomorrow! Good night!
lannie 2009-9-2 22:32
maud 2009-8-26 13:19
Thanks!  I hope so too!  It's nice to meet you.
RXForever 2009-8-24 23:11
Go_ES: hihi~~~welcome
nice to meet you !!!
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