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Hot 6688 views. 2013-5-9 23:07 | feeling, love, because, usually, person

I'm very shame and i don't usually know how express my feeling , i lose my best lover for that before, may be he is the only person that stand in my heart, because i feel that i can't find the mr rignt until now.i alway want to compare  with him when i meet other boys, perphaps i really crazy.....i spend a lot of time to get out of love, now only things. i want to do that starting my new living, and change my nature .
When i met him,i think i can change my previous view.Original,everything is my wrong,i can't believe that.Maybe  only when our eyes have been washed by tears, can we have a broader field of i want to start my new living and change myself.
I want to become class, smiles girl.smiling face of reality.
In fact ,i want to sat thank u to my friends,because without their encourage i can't do.  indeed ,i am always very confident,just a little i am very happy meet u.

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Reply sunnyv 2013-5-10 00:28
You don't have to feel sad about your lost love. Nobody is perfect, everyone have some faults. I don't think you lost that love because you do not know how to express your feelings. When there is true love, a man can be very forgiving and never give up the one he loves. Do not blame yourself because it is not your fault. That relationship never had any future anyway, so forget it and move on.

Be a happy person and nice to others. You never know when you would meet your Mr. Right because love comes to us when we least expect it.
Reply lgityt 2013-5-10 08:28
Donot cry for the losing things.
Reply cestlavie 2013-5-10 09:30
not everyone can be a sage, learn from the fault.
Reply zhouying2012 2013-5-10 11:13
I'm so sorry to hear you lost your best lover. But don't depress yourself along or lost yourself into sad status.  I always believe that  lost will get. So you must can get better Mr. right.
Reply IMNONARCISSUS 2013-5-10 11:47
What has been past is past. Tomorrow may be much better!
Reply Tange 2013-5-11 14:48
first step you should fix your feeling ; that the special one can be turn on in the future .

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