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  • today,i got a many friends~`haha~`so happy,thanks Reply
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I forgot here to long time . recently i study English very hard so that pass the exam .  Today , the weather is  hotter than any other city ...
(381) Views|(10) Replies
Mother's day 2009-10-15
The 21st this month is my mom's birthday day,i'm not sure whether go back or not.I'm even don't know  my mother and father have free time or not ...
(382) Views|(1) Replies
listen respectfully 2009-08-20
These days,i read a book《My dear Andre》,Andre is a boy that Sino-german half-blood,so he had diffenerce world point of view~``and i feel he had man ...
(548) Views|(4) Replies
just talk 2009-08-13
These is my first Blog in dioenglish~`The first,i didn't prepare written something in here,Because i have one Blog in Yo2~~`` Come here the most inp ...
(453) Views|(6) Replies

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Akate 2009-9-20 12:24
meeting you is my happiness
Akate 2009-9-19 22:29
ohm ! if i like you, and can you have my girlfriend ?
Akate 2009-9-19 21:34
one question to ask: if you given ten years, what do you want to do best ?
Akate 2009-8-23 11:13
nice to meet u
gary 2009-8-17 07:42
xiaonai: haha~`No,it is just about my work,even though now i'm just a student~`but i had always belive i can do it if i do it~`heihei
o i see. believe youself ,you can do it if you want to do .i think so .
gary 2009-8-15 14:06
xiaonai: haha~``"the other life"just and now xiaonai's life relative~`heihei,i 'm eager to create different life~``and by the way can i use e
"create different life" i can't get what you said clearly . Do you want to have  a new baby ?  Do you want to find a BF ,then to create new life relative ? or others ....
felina 2009-8-15 12:05
gary 2009-8-13 07:51
xiaonai: haha~`i'm so glad hear you had say these~``Very glad to meet you too
Tks ,by the way ,what's your meaning of "other life " on you miniblog?
小莫 2009-8-10 08:20
xiaonai: haha~`I find you  recently always ask somebody"how are you these days?",and why?It's you have feel bad in these days?
Really? I browse the list of updated members and if I find someone I am interested in, I'll visit their pages and greet them. It's very interesting. You can have a try if you like. Hehe~ Are you a college student?
gary 2009-8-3 14:49
nice to meet you
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