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Long Time No See 2010-03-16
I have been away from here for about half a year. Yeah, my last blog remained in the end of June last year when I became an intern in Delphi, a forei ...
(486) Views|(11) Replies
Begin My New Life 2009-06-28
After finishing the final exams, I begin to lead my new life, not the happy summer vacation but the restless work life.   Last semest ...
(882) Views|(27) Replies
Hail in Shanghai in June...So Weird... 2009-06-06
It hailed in Shanghai yesterday, which is so weird because never did I meet such things in Shanghai, let alone in the month of June.(Maybe ...
(671) Views|(19) Replies
An Email From QQ Sent by My Friend 2009-06-01
I received an email from qq by one of my good friends. Here I share it with you all. May all of you happy every day~   Smile a little ...
(638) Views|(13) Replies
I Wanna Kill Myself... 2009-05-27
The course System Design I've mentioned before almost drove me crazy!   I don't know why I volunteered to be the project manager at t ...
(610) Views|(16) Replies

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littlegrass 2010-9-24 11:10
On this warm occasion, one of the most simple to you my friend: Happy Mid-Autumn Festival! I wonder whether my wishes can reach you. Let me drink a toast for my rriend with my best wishes.
Sally_Fan 2009-10-6 08:50
Long time no see, how are you now!
RachelBear 2009-9-5 10:53
Houston: Today's your birthday? The same day with the Chinese Valentine's Day this year~
Happy BD: )
yes~and thank you~

how is your work in the vacation going? it must be inspiring...
understatement 2009-7-23 13:08
Houston: I am not sure, maybe not. I just don't know how to face up to her. Maybe I'll send her a message...
She invited you ?? oh, my god~
IvyLynn 2009-7-18 23:41
Houston: I will be a senior soon haha~
Yeah. After being an intern and leading the intern life, I begin to miss the happy life on campus. Working life is simpl
I'm gonna be a junior next semester. I've kept thinking wether I should go further study or not. Deep thinking...  It's great that you got a chance of internship. Good luck in your job!
IvyLynn 2009-7-16 23:14
P.S.   I love this photo of Fish.  big fan too
IvyLynn 2009-7-16 23:12
Are you a senior now?  What's it like in an internship? It must be very different from the life on campus, right?
RachelBear 2009-5-29 11:45
Houston: Season Four of the PB makes me disappointed but the Special's really tense, exciting and touching~
enen....I can`t agree with you more.
And what moves me most is both the love between Sara and Michael,and the friendship among Linc,Sucre, Mahone and Michael.
Everytime when I thought they must betray Michael on behalf of themselves only, they turn out to be the most faithful ones.
wenson86926 2009-5-24 16:54
oh,you are hot here,haha
小文子helen 2009-5-22 01:13
the time seems to late.why not sleep?hehe
小文子helen 2009-5-21 15:07
hi,do you know the position of the 香港中文大学,i can not find materials from the computer.
awp 2009-5-20 22:40
Houston: Nope, I'm just a fan of Houston Rockets and my last name is HOU~
oh i see
awp 2009-5-20 21:46
you are in houston?
小文子helen 2009-5-18 18:43
are you preparing for the postgraduation?i guess you are ready for your future job.
RachelBear 2009-5-17 22:52
Houston : Done. From PB, I just think if you are in trouble, is the person who gives you a hand really good to you? The ending of PB seems a little hasty. If Ke The end of PB has to be hasty and Kellermen mustn`t be bad,because the director had to put an end to PB due to the low audience rating~haha And maybe it`s the glamour of life that everything remains unknown until you`ve gone through it.You can`t judge who is dependable till he cheat you or he sacrifice his life to protect you from be ... ...
RachelBear 2009-5-16 21:30
episode 21,22 are on, and it`s the end of Prison Break~
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