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no pain ,no gain

730 views. 2012-12-29 15:57

                                                   No Pain ,No Gain
              In a year in which his father passed away , Harland was less than five years old , without spelling his own name, felt it funny when his family was in grief. He could play freely all over the town because no one cared about him.
             After droping out of the school in his fourteen years , he went back to the farm in Indiana. School didnt make him happy , neither did working at the farm, and being a conductor at tramcar did him so, his small gaunt face was covered with worries and anguish which shouldnt be showed in his age.
             He started a blacksmith's shop at seventeen years, which was closed when his business did not wait for booming.
             In his eighteen , he make his own first family and settled down, but later one day ,when he went back home, he found the house empty and his wife was gone, everything was gone with the wind . he tried to sell insurance without result, he did his best to get a business of wheel sale and lose, he again tried to run a ferry and  unsuccessful, he opened a gas station for cars and finally closed.
             with coutinuous tries and failures he came to his middle age , he was too poor to be allowed by his ex-wife to see his own daughter. to see his daughter ,he even thought of kidnapping daughter.  After waiting for ten hours in the tussock by the road , he ended this absurd without result.
             He , full of failures in his life, went on for  a few decades unnoticed. At retiring ,one day ,he received an socail welfare of $105 which was used to open a fast food shop which he planed to depend on to make a living-----Kentucky Fried Chicken-----
             Of course ,this history of fast food shop is  history of Kentuchy Fried Chicken

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Reply COLMAN 2012-12-29 23:11
Where there's a will, there's a way. indeed! Happy New Year

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