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23th August

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  This lesson is choosen from New Concept English .I should insist on doing translation everyday.
  Lesson 21 Mad or not? 
  飞机正在逐渐把我逼疯。我住在一个机场附近,过往飞机日夜不绝于耳。机场是许多年前建的,但由于某种原因当时未能启用。然而去年机场开始使用了。有100 多人肯定是被噪音逼得已经弃家远去,我是少数留下来的人中的一个。有时我觉得这房子就要被一架飞过的飞机撞倒。他们曾向我提供一大笔钱让我搬走,但我决定 留在这儿。大家都说我肯定是疯了,也许他们说的是对的。
  My translation:
   The airplanes gradually drive me mad. I live in a place which is close to the airport , and the airplanes passby keep making noises.The airport was built years ago ,but it hadn't been utitilised at that time because of some certain reasons.However,the airport has been used from the last year. More than 100 people are forced to leave here due to the noise ,and I'm the one among a few people who stay here.Sometimes I found that the house would be crashed by an airplane passed by.They once provided me a large amount of money and ask me to leave,but I decided to stay here.Everyone said that I'm mad ,perhaps they are right.
 The original translation:
  Aeroplanes are slowly driving me mad. I live near an airport and passing planes can be heard night and day. The airport was built years ago, but for some reason it could not be used then. Last year, however, it came into use. Over a hundred people must have been driven away from their homes by the noise. I am one of the few people left. Sometimes I think this house will be knocked down by a passing plane. I have been offered a large sum of money to go away, but I am determined to stay here. Everybody says I must be mad and they are probably right.

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