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original English-Chinese story <The Way to Carve out> 7-12

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‘She was one of my bosom friends. But it was a long story. I’d like you to go attending the banquet with me, will you, Jack?’

‘It’s my pleasure, belle. What does she do, may I ask?’ Jack’s curiosity stretches to Mary.

‘You’ll know that next Saturday. Now let me go on my long march to success.’

‘Come on. Don’t let my ears wait long.’





‘As I did the translation the relevant documents for the company’s IPO, I acquired the relevant experiences that was a rare resources. One year later I was invited to a security company where I got a higher salary and better treatment as well as my first suitor. Then something unhappy happened and I left the company.’

‘I am terribly sorry to hear that. But what is it?’ Jack’s curiosity rose to the top.

‘I am sorry, I feel so tired now. Let’s go home.’ Molly’s interest plunges to freezing point.

‘It’s too late. We’d better take a taxi instead of your driving.’ He worries about her current driving ability.

‘Yes, you’re so considerate, little boy.’









                  Chapter Four


Jack’s interview is smooth as he thought it would be. He was dispatched to the marketing department. The supervisor is a middle-aged man named Peter who has worked in the company over 10 years.

‘Welcome you to our department, Jack. I’d like you to work with Tom. He is in charge marketing of generators. You should learn from him. He is experienced in the field. Tom, come here. Let me introduce Jack to you.’

‘How do you do, Tom, thank you for your instruction beforehand,’ Jack says reverently.

‘How do you do, Jack, let’s help each other. Come with me and let me show you your seat.’ Tom is tall unsmiling man, appears to be over thirty years old.





Look, this is your desk with your computer on it. Can you begin to work now?’ Tom is so efficient that he doesn’t even want to know more about Jack.

‘Yes, of course, I am already poised to work.’ Jack doesn’t want to show the impression of weakness.

‘Good, now I’d like you to read these E-mails I stored in your computer, from which you will know some of our customers’ situations and try your best to remember them by heart. From tomorrow on, you go to visit them one by one and bring their opinion back, understand?’ Tom executes his leadership contentedly.

‘Yes, sir, I understand. Can I start to work now?’ Jack dare not snub.

‘Good, hope you be easy to begin.’

‘Thank you, sir, I am sure I will.’







‘Hello, is that Mr. Wang over there?’ Jack makes his first appointment with the customer.

‘Yes, I am Mr. Wang. Who is that over there?’ The other party answers.

‘How do you do, Mr. Wang, I am Jack from the marketing department of GE. Would you mind talking with me at some time? Our company wants to know if you have any comments about our products. We will appreciate your cooperation.’

‘Ok, how about 10 o’clock tomorrow morning? Welcome you to our office. Do you know where our company is?’ Mr. Wang is an ardent man.

‘Thank you, Mr. Wang. I know your company’s address. I will be there on time. Good-bye,’ Jack is pleased with his performance.

‘You’re welcome, see you tomorrow,’ Mr. Wang hangs up the phone.










Mr. Wang’s company is not big. It is in a wholesale market of generator. It occupies about a hundred square meters space. Its large showroom is filled with all kinds of small size generators, most of which is made by GE. The shop has a backroom that is Mr. Wang’s office where several people are busy working. Mr. Wang’s desk is near the window.


‘Hello, I am Jack from GE. Which is Mr. Wang, please?’ Jack greets liberally.

‘Hello, I am Mr. Wang. Nice to see you, Jack,’ Mr. Wang smiles at Jack.

‘Nice to know you, too, Mr. Wang, this is my business card,’ he offers the card with two hands.

‘Thank you. This is mine. Sit down, please, Jack.’

‘Thank you, Mr. Wang. How is the business?’

‘It is not bad. Lately mini generators are popular but your company doesn’t have the products. You know, these years, small-and-medium-sized enterprises appear like bamboo shoots after a spring rain. But the power supply is tight. The power cutoff always happens. To go on business, most of them purchase mini generators.’

‘Good, your feedback information is very important and valuable. Thank you very much, Mr. Wang. On behalf of GE, I salute you.’ Jack says jokingly.

‘Not at all, if you give me more discounts it’ll be more substantial,’ Mr. Wang doesn’t stand on ceremony.












Jack visits over ten customers from Monday to Friday. He finds that mini generator really has a potential huge market. He makes a market survey report to the company. Tom is glad to receive his report and praises him. Jack feels bashful because it is the first time for him to receive the credit after graduation.


He sits down in front of the computer going on reading the other customers’ information and makes a work plan next week.

‘Hi, boy, what are you busy with?’ A girl’s sweet voice says.

Jack raises his head seeing a tall girl standing near him.

‘Ah, hello, I am working. What can I do for you, belle?’ He thinks she is a customer.

‘Yes, you can. I’d like you to copy these documents for me. It is urgent. You’d better finish it as soon as possible.’ The girl issues a command.

‘Yes, madam, I am pleased to do it,’ Jack has to give up his work.








The marketing office is very large, at least eighty square meters. The department is divided into four groups. Each group has four to five workers. Jack belongs to the group of generator which contains Tom, Jack and the other two boys who happen to travel on business.

The other three groups are: the marketing department management, the group of motor and the group of retarder.



The girl just now is the secretary of Peter’s. She is tall and beautiful as a picture. She is so beautiful that Jack dare not see her because every time he sees her he feels his heart beating heavily. To tell the truth, Jack doesn’t like to be ordered to do this and that. He has his own work to do. But before he comes to work here, Molly tells him that he must obey any predecessor here. It is a hidden rule in the workplace. No matter they want you to do, you must do it unconditionally. It is true. The fledglings are always small potatoes.






‘How is your work in the company?’ Molly is concerned about him.

‘Busy and interesting,’ Jack sends her a grateful smiling.

In the evening, they watch TV after dinner. The super cooked by Molly is delicious. What girl is she? Jack gawks at the TV thinking.

‘Jack, here is ten thousand dollars, I’d like you to buy something grooming yourself. Tomorrow evening we will attend Mary’s banquet. I intend to introduce to her. I don’t want you to be despised.’ Molly puts an envelope on the tea table.

‘No, thanks, I don’t want spend your money more. I have made so much trouble to you. I am very sorry.’ Jack feels ashamed.

‘Don’t be unobtrusive with me, boy. It is not much money. Besides, I owe you my life. Such a little money is trivial.’







‘No, I don’t think so. It’s my pleasure to save you. You’re my unexpected helper. You’re priceless to me. Alas! I don’t want to let you down. I receive the money temporarily. Let it be IOU.’ Jack doesn’t like to hurt her affections.

‘It makes me set my heart at rest. Jack, you know, I will try my best to help you reach the successful road. Anyway I am the person who has gone through it all. I think I am helpful to you. You’re a rising man. So long as you work hard and weave your connection well, you will stand out. Go, Jack!’ She seems to love him.



‘Molly, I don’t know how to thank you. With your right direction, I am sure I will be invincible. Would you mind telling me more about your failures which will be my warning so that I will make few mistakes.’ He is eager to know her more.

‘Ah, you little boy, you want to poke my privacy? You little prier, how dared you are! You choose a wrong career. You deserve to be a spy. In no hurry, I will let it on in drops. I intend to whet up your appetite. Let you see how I plague your curiosity. Ha, ha, ha.’ She guffaws.



‘Don’t boast much but spend less, belle. Now let me ask you a question, will you?’

‘You arraign me?’

‘No, who dare to do that? But you just now promised me that you would let on your experiences. I hope you to cash in a little now. Would you mind?’

‘Ah, you little boy, how glib you are! You look honest, which is your mask. I didn’t misestimate you. You really own a great wisdom.’

‘Thank you for your prayer. I will pay you back if I become an upstart. But now I prefer to be your listener.’

‘Ok, then what do you want to know about me? I’ll only answer one question today.’ She means what she says.







 ‘What was the largest frustration in your career?’ Jack comes straight to the point.

‘Ah, such a keen-edged question needs answering with a long story. You win.’ Molly has no alternative.






‘Last time I mentioned that I transferred my job to a stockjobber where I got a good salary and met my first suitor who was the leader of the company. We fell in love at first sight. He is 12 years older than I. At the outset I didn’t know he was married because he lived on his own. We often had dinner at his home and he taught me to cook. He is from Shanghai. He knows life well. By and by, our footing exposed. Some busybodies told me that he was married. I was in dubitation. Then something happened and I woke up from the dream. His wife came to see him. He couldn’t hide the truth and admitted that to me. I blubbered for a while venting my sadness. But I had no option. I loved him so much that I doubted if I could live well with him. He took an oath that he would leave his wife to marry me. I believed him without hesitation. I asked him how long he wanted me to wait. His answer was one year. I didn’t think one year was long. I accepted the reality.’





‘At that time, the market was booming. The company made a lot of profit. He taught me to speculate in the stock market. I made use of my saving to invest the stocks. By and by I found it was so exciting to do the stock business. With his right instruction, I made much money. But the more I made the more I desired. He began to lend me money. At the beginning he lent me several hundred thousand. By and by the sum rose to several million. My wealth augmented day by day. With the money I dared to buy anything. I began to dissipate the fortune. I felt as if I lived in a fairy tale.’


‘One day, a police car parked at the company’s gate. My boyfriend was arrested for embezzlement and manipulating the market. Later I was arraigned and had to pay the money made in the market. Though I was not arrested I lost the wealth I possessed. I was fired by the company because of that. I even had no place to live in. Luckily, I met one of my college classmates, namely, Mary who happened to come to the city from Shanghai. She lent me some money to live on. She got married when she saw me. Her husband was rich. She invited me to visit her home in Shanghai. She knew my experiences and introduced me to her husband. Then I acquainted her husband’s friend who was far richer. He then needed a stock dealer and asked me to fill the job. He got an investment company registered in this city. I became the leader of the company. By and by, I bobbed up like a cork and made my wealth swell and swell. This time I draw lessons from failure and stop speculating. I managed to discover value stocks and bought and kept holding them until their prices are far higher than their value.’


 ‘October 16, 1998, Friday,’ Jack wrote his diary. ‘I have been working in GE for a week. I think it is a challenging job. I had to fight a lone battle at the outset. But I can learn more from doing it. Anyway it is my favorite so far. I will look for my development opportunity through working in the company.

Molly’s experience is impressive and helpful. She is so kind and thoughtful. She lends me ten thousand dollars today. I am very grateful because it is timely help. I will pay her back more when I make a fortune. I must be successful.

Molly will take me to attend her classmate Mary’s banquet. What is Mary? I will know that tomorrow. As Molly put, I must weave my own connection. The more friends mean the more roads.’






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Reply SmilingAngel 2009-5-21 13:39
The story whets up my appetite.I will read the story continuous. And I prefer to read it over and over again, if the time allows.(Coz they are many useful phrases and words I need to learn from it) Thanks.

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