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jpliu: The beauty of the case of Black Swan is such that it tests human wisdom in an unconventional and/or unprecedented way.
Yesterday  20:54 Reply|
jpliu: Playing cards with daughter-the winner ate a speck of “rat dung”(salty kumquat). The 1st  speck was mine;the 2nd& 3rd as well. Finaly she won,I saw her put the small bottle upsidedown to her mouth ...
The day before yesterday 14:04 Reply|
jpliu: 6:30pm on the eve of New YearI sent out a family photo  while making jiaozi,the custom of the year. Aunt’s reply: “Why so late? When will you be able to eat?” Sister: “Why do you make it so early ...
3 days ago Reply|
jpliu: Finaly lying down when I remember another one has not yet been greeted. New Year is a time for gratitude-debt payment - lie down comfortably only after meeting it all.
4 days ago Reply|
jpliu: Watching pupiles playing on the square under afternoon sun.Boy:“I’m 4th.grade.”Girl:“Me too.”“I’m a head taller,”the boy stood beside her. I asked:“Study performance as well?” Boy:“?” ...
6 days ago Reply|
jpliu: I said to Mr Liu at breakfast:“Wisdom tells me when I’m sick do not try to cure it in the 1st place, try to live with it.A step backward in my age is easier & more tolerable than a step forward.” ...
2020-1-13 15:10 Reply|
s300679: Its time to say goodbye to current employers. nearly two years went by, need to say farewell to boss and colleagues
2020-1-13 10:25 Reply|
jpliu: North & south, my city in-between.  Snow is falling. Southners are happy; northners no need nostalgic as well. In the street, passers-by’s complaints from inconvenience fading into light foggy flakes ...
2020-1-9 21:09 Reply|
jpliu: Wife baked a cream cake & let me eat only a half, saying: "Not much sweet food once." My reason for a full one is also well founded: "Enough doses are needed the first time to take a pill you know." ...
2020-1-6 18:58 Reply|
jpliu: Buying ink brush again online. Last time wife reminded: “Why not buy with ink bottle plus an extra Yuan?” This time knowing there’s still some ink left she reminds: “ I’ll buy without ink bottle ...
2020-1-5 19:44 Reply|
jpliu: The Titanic turned sharply to avoid the 1st direct collision with iceberg, Messi in his Barcelona v Dortmund turned suddenly to pass through & gave the ball to Griezmann who kicked it into the net
2020-1-4 14:45 Reply|
jpliu: Daughter isn’t parents’ lammy-she buys lammy for them who dressed now loosely look alike at home. Back from school she used to call me: “Get up!” Now back from work she: “Why not sleep, 9 already ...
2019-12-30 08:32 Reply|
loong: Hi. Winter. December. And I think Santa Claus is the earliest delivery.
2019-12-24 14:56 Reply|
jpliu: Pop-ups are a nuisance. Today I clicked Baidu & was greeted with a health post which I showed to wife: “Have a look at the food table with calories & ingredients.” “Good, print it for me,”she said ...
2019-12-21 20:08 Reply|
Candy.liu: Long long long time no see, i nearly forgot i have this blog. It's a nice space for me at one time. And i forgot something happened to me, oh no, how time flies.
  • admin: Welcome back   (12-20 11:25)
2019-12-17 13:54 Reply|
sedgehead: I'm back!  Now, I just need to drag my lazy bones out of bed!
2019-11-16 22:20 Reply|
loong: Eventually, i log into this blog web by PC, my passionate gonna vanished, cuz of my damned imac, which is needed to launch up for one hours, what s the heck!!!!!, now i again to restart to meet u.
2019-11-14 12:05 Reply|
loong: feeling curious.  feeling confuzzing. why when i start to blog something here.  and the PC launch like retarded snail?
2019-11-14 11:37 Reply|
loong: I wondered  why cant dioenglish develop an App?  
2019-11-14 11:22 Reply|
loong: what happened to that damned iMac. I try to open it.  45 minutes needed
2019-11-14 11:21 Reply|


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