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jpliu: Site of car crash,an old man to grandson: “Mind you in crossing the street.” A man in taxi shouted:“Let me pass, catching train!”“Catch train on this road?” the man beside:“No it’s wrong way ...
The day before yesterday 21:15 Reply|
jpliu: Watching football. Daughter is confident with “white complexion”. I, on the other hand, side with “the third world” to maintain equilibrium.
5 days ago Reply|
jpliu: Watching football. Father-in-law cried: “Oh, foul!” Passing through the room, mother-in-law: “You know foul as well?”
6 days ago Reply|
jpliu: A strong gale from the west. Socceroo, Gaullic rooster, German tank... heroes one after another, father’s in the shadow. Supper time, phone from daughter: “ I’ll be back after German played.”
7 days ago Reply|
jpliu: Narrator: “His country needs him!” Players play for the country, or we can say, watching world cup cultivate patriotic spirits if not patriotic itself.
2018-6-17 19:04 Reply|
jpliu: School quality high, school fees low; securities high, crime rates low; wages high, food price low; share price high,housing price low…People’s expectations are always higher than their satisfaction ...
2018-6-14 09:13 Reply|
jpliu: While“Just do it”, “Never give up”flashing on the exam site, the boy wearing “weenie bear traveler” is looking beyond tough time to relaxing ahead -his mom booked tickets & room for him days ago ...
2018-6-9 04:28 Reply|
Gillian's: back for  a better habit
2018-6-4 18:16 Reply|
jpliu: Children are attentive owing to curiosity. Parents cannot be expected this way;they should be vice versa.
2018-6-2 21:44 Reply|
minibando: Live life to the fullset and make a difference along the way.
2018-5-29 20:54 Reply|
Logan_Smith: Where this is will, there is a way.
2018-5-29 12:47 Reply|
jpliu: “Long time no see?”“I’me not living here these days.”“Out for photos?”“Just test my new camera.”“You journalist?”“No I used to live in there” Sometimes white lies help to avoid awkwardnes ...
2018-5-28 05:09 Reply|
Moyan: Hello guys, i am back!
2018-5-25 14:05 Reply|
jpliu: Man is a curious animal. Yet curiosity can be undoing, for it rests on seeing rather than doing. It leads to discovery & then stops there; as a result, curiosity is simply a waste of time.
2018-5-25 07:52 Reply|
jpliu: Young man needs to see-his world is in books & on the road. To the old seeing can be disbelieving. A veteran who sees light in the dark his eyesight weaker & weaker with age is both normal & necessary ...
2018-5-23 11:04 Reply|
minibando: Everyday I must remind myself to take advantage of every minute to achieve daily goal. Wasting time is luxury. Too many new knowledge are waiting for me ...
2018-5-22 12:22 Reply|
minibando: Rainy day again!!!When could I see the lovely sunshine?
2018-5-21 10:53 Reply|
Gillian's: i thought it should be easy, but I was wrong, i could not have wriiten even one sentance for a successive month. i understand why i am not successful..
2018-5-20 22:58 Reply|
Vivian_Lee666: You must be the change you wish to see in the world. ---Mahatma Gandhi
2018-5-19 13:17 Reply|
minibando: Weekend, rainy day, well, I don't like kind of weather. But it can't stop me to go out for playing badminton inside the badminton gym in Rainy Day.
2018-5-19 12:12 Reply|


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