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jpliu: A man in a speech is said to reply to a listener’s question why leading officials always sit in 1st row: It’s them who need to study most. Imagine why I used to sit on the last row at meetings
6 days ago Reply|
jpliu: “See what people say on the net?”I said point to the soybean milk machine on the shelf, “They say fruit nutrients are spoiled once  crushed into juice.”
2022-5-7 09:53 Reply|
jpliu: Young man seeks happiness by comparing with other people. Old man does so by doing the opposite.
2022-5-5 11:35 Reply|
jpliu: The beauty of high jump lies in its end in failure.
2022-4-27 18:06 Reply|
jpliu: Value,use value, exchangeable value, market value…whatever you say, my experience: Things worth high price are useless to me whereas what’s valuable to me is worthless or worth a little money
2022-4-24 11:56 Reply|
jpliu: I was proud of the boy’s mother:“What a nice boy who loves reading from babyhood!”A quick playback of my camera revealed the cartoon figures were upside-down. He simply played with the book in hand ...
2022-4-21 19:21 Reply|
jpliu: The door is closed. Its keys are in the hands of manager and his staff who can open it anytime of the day & night with good reason. Social distancing is a lockdown isolating outsiders of both sides. ...
2022-4-16 12:18 Reply|
jpliu: “Morn”“Morn”“Why bring an umbrella walking round apartment?”“I’m not allowed to bring umbrella?”He was serious I said hurriedly:“Yes,weather forecast says it’s raining today”“Therefore” ...
2022-4-14 19:40 Reply|
teadrinking: What's wrong with dioenglish? Admin, if you are available, please check it and manage it to be normal again. Thanks.
2022-3-30 21:26 Reply|
jpliu: Two days after closing down I requested to go to the temple at the hotel side of the compound to burn 3 joss sticks. No way. “Why not pay 3 respects facing the west?”A staff comforted me.
2022-3-21 11:11 Reply|
jpliu: “Aha! Now you’re unemployed,our photographer,”elders laughed seeing me walking with them round & round the buildings we live.“I’m not unemployed-I lost job 2 years ago,”I said,“My camera is” ...
2022-3-20 09:57 Reply|
qianwen: What we really possess is only today, so cherish it. My dear.
2022-3-19 22:51 Reply|
s300679: they are never been able to come to the grips with the fact that thay re bankrupt
2022-2-14 15:08 Reply|
s300679: the country is in the grips of economic crisis in decades compounded by coronavirus pandemic
2022-2-14 15:04 Reply|
s300679: I have to settle for the second best if anything else available
2022-2-14 14:59 Reply|
s300679: the proposals have met with stiff oppostions
2022-2-14 14:56 Reply|
s300679: the fighting raged along the border since both sides accuse  other side of trying to seize the ancient temple which is dated back to 2000 years ago
2022-2-10 16:14 Reply|
s300679: state is upping the petrel price and maybe it cause turnoil
2022-2-10 15:27 Reply|
s300679: It's clear that littel incursion will not cause serious punishment
2022-2-10 15:27 Reply|
s300679: It seems that there is only overt celebration on state-owned media but  people pay less  attention to winter olympics beijing . there is no favor in the city of beijing , people can do not see  games.
2022-2-10 15:23 Reply|


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