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jpliu: Out in the str, 14-mon-old grandson cries for cookies.With 1 in hand he cries for more till both hands have one.He eats one & cries for another one:a cookie in both hands is worth one in only one hand ...
3 days ago Reply|
jpliu: Tradition can be all weather.Neighborhood breakfast stall owner came by green train-heavy snow in home town dislocate for days the expressway & express train service.Slow’s fast is never more evident ...
6 days ago Reply|
jpliu: Few people in the str,not even dogs,on this (cold) day except cars & kids.”“Must be older kids,not babies.”“Yes,older kids with adults.”“To cram school or interest class”“That’s what I mean” ...
2024-2-24 13:08 Reply|
jpliu: A good beginning is half way done, but to quite a few people, a good beginning is only half way done.
2024-2-20 10:16 Reply|
jpliu: To 14-month-old boy,anything can be a toy.I often play cards with him: cards in & out of a bag;shuffle & deal;I call 1,2,3,4 while he accepts murmuring; toss cards over head...Who plays with who? ...
2024-2-19 21:24 Reply|
jpliu: Marketing textbook knowledge doesn’t free me of mart tricks.After paying 29 yuan of food at the mart,the cashier pointed the drinks by the machine:“Oolong Tea? Only 1yuan”I was away with 2 bottles ...
2024-2-12 12:55 Reply|
lijuanandrea: lucky me
2024-2-5 23:44 Reply|
jpliu: Seeing is inheriting.I was on the rd soon after birth with grandparents who took me w them wherever they went to see.Over the past 3 decades it’s my turn to see & hear on their behalf as an onlooker ...
2024-2-5 07:21 Reply|
jpliu: On seeing the boy crying over a trip on the floor , bottle drops on the foot or bump into the furniture,I turn a blind eye to it & then find words to praise him:" Oh,what a brave boy you are!” ...
2024-2-2 08:27 Reply|
jpliu: “Away from kid with mask & hurry away if his grandpa also with mask!”A grandfather shared with me his childcare knowhow while taking his 14-month-old granddaughter for a walk in the neighborhood ...
2024-1-30 12:41 Reply|
jpliu: The ads in the lift change fr every 7 days to only 3 days. Yester it changed for TingHua poster again,the same one I saw earlier in the lift.Accidentally or on purpose it’s too dear for the liquor. ...
2024-1-29 08:27 Reply|
jpliu: A box of Lego blocks doesn’t appeal to one-year-old grandson much unless I put pieces together in advance in styles of a Doric column or a pyramid for him to dismantle, easier & with less efforts. ...
2024-1-23 19:26 Reply|
jpliu: Only at meal time wild cats are seen gather together in groups round a bowel or a dish. In contrast wild dogs roam round the street most often together one following another in line.
2024-1-21 12:14 Reply|
jpliu: The movie Shaolin Temple can make the Temple well-known & so does TV series Blossoms Shanghai for Huanghe Rd of the city.Never expect to add color to the Pyramid & the Great Wall by a movie or TV play ...
2024-1-16 17:29 Reply|
jpliu: Late in the evening & early morning I’ve to be quick to cross the road for the light lasts only in seconds while during the day I’ve to be patient for minutes at the zebra crossing.
2024-1-15 16:58 Reply|
jpliu: "Don't teach your grandson to suck eggs, just eat with him."(My word of the intillectual growth of grandson)
2024-1-13 06:20 Reply|
jpliu: Knowing yourself starts from a year old.Grandson would now grapple with me for my phone to look back at what I snapshot of him & smiles happily at his own image and action.
2024-1-9 06:14 Reply|
jpliu: I' ve to read day & night btw Bantam Classic's 50 Great Short Stories & R. Thorp's Chinese Art & Culture.The former is paperback with palm-size but fonts small;the latter big letters but thick & heavy ...
2024-1-4 13:28 Reply|
jpliu: The sun is punctual,the birds not. Yesterday morning I took out camera aiming at the roof of the opposite bld. The sun appeared on time, the birds not.
2024-1-2 04:41 Reply|
jpliu: Man can wait,birds cannot. Seeing a bird on the roof of the opposite building looking at the sun,I hurriedly took out my camera.It flew away.
2023-12-31 10:14 Reply|


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