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jpliu: Strong man depends on his weak points just as bucket  on its shortest piece of wood for holding water.To be strong Samson has to protect his hair;Achilles his heels.As to me my glasses with its eyes
Yesterday  20:17 Reply|
jpliu: The man at checkpoint showed me the way down his lane & everyone I asked told the way. In fact I was free moving round even last month.“You can go this way,”a volunteer once let pass for a short cut ...
The day before yesterday 13:17 Reply|
jpliu: People watching Swan Lake live on Bolshoi Theatre’s Youtube yesterday came to know how the  Prince conquered the wizard though they never heard of “This tiny creature left Hua Tuo powerless.”
3 days ago Reply|
jpliu: Whole night raining,still drizzling at 6. Outside at 7 it stopped & sunshine 7:30. “Umbrella really a burden.”Suddenly a thunder ushered in a heavy shower. In looking-for umbrella’s time it stopped ...
4 days ago Reply|
jpliu: Checkpoint.“Not open yet?”Volunteer:“If you’ve pass”“I have,not this lane”“Let me see.Ha!‘Stay home’”Only now do I see what’s said on my pass. Secret trails are no longer useful eversince ...
5 days ago Reply|
jpliu: “Search on purpose, Surf without purpose”,a Baidu’s ad slogan, is true to me with the result that the efficiency of retrieval on it is,time & again,counter balanced by my absentmindedness by it ...
6 days ago Reply|
jpliu: Fishing for 5 days & net drying for 2 is time wasting,then fish for 5 days? Net no need drying & repairing? What about boat? Fishing isn’t fish only & proverb is proverb.We must be cautious with it ...
2020-3-25 06:50 Reply|
jpliu: “We should be less intelligent,but organize better.”(An airport staff said to a passenger complaining of airport management, Roma-Fiumicino airport on boarding AZ1008 back to Hong Kong,Apr 30,1994 ...
2020-3-24 11:24 Reply|
jpliu: Man is fragile with age & so are things with him. Hand-phone, camera,Mp3,laptop, eye glasses…all fragile once outdoors.Only the water bottle is an exception for I ’v exchanged it for a vacuum cup ...
2020-3-23 06:25 Reply|
jpliu: Seeing a movie you learn the summary in advance to keep the suspense.Watching a game you try not to know the result in advance to keep the suspense,a difference to me in enjoyment between arts & sport ...
2020-3-22 06:11 Reply|
jpliu: Tree planters are different. I plant trees with holes dug already just to put saplings in & then refill the soil.It’s reasonable,for I see farmers dig a hole with a few spades, me with half a hundred ...
2020-3-21 06:21 Reply|
jpliu: Every time in & out of residence I’ve to show my pass to the volunteers though we too familiar & one of whom is even a neigbor & a distance colleague, simply because they said of me “a good comrade. ...
2020-3-20 09:52 Reply|
jpliu: “Dare you get sick” (Over the years winter sees me with ailments such as flu,catching cold, nasopharyngitis, anxiety and the like except this year.)
2020-3-19 06:10 Reply|
jpliu: I asked for 2 vegetable baozi:“Do you never recognize wrongly from dozen kinds of baozi?”Reply:“Never. I get used to recongnizing the marks.”“Hope you do so & mistake meat baozi for vegetable one ...
2020-3-18 09:56 Reply|
jpliu: Scanning code to order saves time in eat-in perhaps. Not takeaway. I bought breakfast at a street baozi shop while a man was scanning to order outside KFC. I finished it before he collected his meal
2020-3-17 19:45 Reply|
jpliu: Coincidence can be significent.Mother in tel: “No step outside since Jan.Sitting by the window if days are fine.” Did she sense anything special when she travelled outside city for 3 months before? ...
2020-3-16 06:59 Reply|
jpliu: Street corner checkpoint lady:“Coming!”Fish peddlers hurriedly hid basins under a car. She warned:“Also your scale!”The city management truck drove past.“Left”she said. Everything back to normal ...
2020-3-15 11:39 Reply|
jpliu: I walked in the street, no longer feeling lonely, 2 ladies passed by from the other side. Sniffing a scent of fragrance, I knew my face mask is a mere decoration. Thankfully the epidemic tide is over
2020-3-14 05:35 Reply|
jpliu: Do in Rome follow the Romans. Here sliping thourgh “Ho Chi Minh Trail”I’ve follow anglers, morning excisers & dustwomen. “A trail uphill,but how about your bike?” “Left turn there’s a loophole ...
2020-3-13 06:28 Reply|
jpliu: One of the lessons I’ve learnt from SARS & present epidemic is that virus itself cannot be conquered, it can only be controlled, marginalized and,above all,dance with us,friendly or friendless.
2020-3-7 18:20 Reply|


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