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  • Forbidden City
    Aurasolar (Yesterday  21:22)

    I visited Forbidden City when I was six, in 1986. I marveled at the architecture. We walked on marble stairs and entered a room paved with wooden floo

  • A feast in a castle
    Aurasolar (Yesterday  21:14)

    In ancient Greece, there was no rice. People ate barley bread or coarse bread. In ancient Greece or Rome, until medieval times, they had no chopsticks

  • Pizza
    Aurasolar (Yesterday  21:08)

    One day, Miranda invited us to eat pizza in her house. She is a painter from England. She made pancakes with fermented dough. Then she spread cheese o

  • Victoria's lunch
    Aurasolar (Yesterday  21:01)

    When I was working for a travel website, I worked with a girl from England. She had dark brown hair and brown twinkling eyes. She was not tall and she

  • Feast the eyes
    Aurasolar (Yesterday  20:13)

    Meatpork, lean meat, fat, pork slices, shredded pork, pork ribs, liver, roasted pig tail, meat rolls, fried meat balls, play with knuckles, pork stew,

  • My favorite English names for girls A-D
    Aurasolar (Yesterday  19:32)

    Name                                       Meaning

  • 31 May 2020
    Sumingyu (Yesterday  15:38)

    I'm ashamed of my bad performanceIn English speaking despite my diligence.It's due to lack of practice,I know.I must fill the gap for a better show.

  • An ape
    Aurasolar (The day before yesterday 18:32)

         During Ice Age, the Earth turned extremely cold. The climate changed. The forest withered and there were no green leaves, insect o

  • Noting my journey to Yangzhou
    Aurasolar (The day before yesterday 18:25)

           People of Yangzhou shall be grateful to Li Bai, a famous Chinese poet in the Tang Dynasty, who wrote in his poem: "Float do

  • Rainbow
    Aurasolar (The day before yesterday 17:53)

       At a moment I caught glimpse of a rainbow,   As I opened the window and raised my eyes toward the sky.   An arch in s

  • Steamed cake
    Aurasolar (The day before yesterday 17:42)

              Take the flour. Spread the flour on a piece of clean cloth and steam the flour for 15 minutes with blazing fire. Ta

  • Traditional or modern?
    Aurasolar (The day before yesterday 17:25)

          On arriving at Beijing Wangfujing Bookstore, in the chilly wind, I wanted to have douzhi, a kind of fermented soybean milk, for b

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