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  • 2018-12-10
    ReinaTriendl (4 hours ago)

    also store information in magnetic particles embedded in removeable disk that may be floppy or rigid floppy disks store less information than a hard

  • 9 December 2018
    Sumingyu (Yesterday  23:52)

    To keep warm is the most important matter in such ice-cold December weather.

  • Dash area
    Rosanna (Yesterday  11:45)

    I believe everybody has the dash area in their life. Yesterday I watched TV, there was a famous guest of honour Huang Lan to mention about her experie

  • Winter Day
    johnsonwu (Yesterday  10:44)

    When wiring already became a part of life and a sort of bread-winner, I also felt it could be used as a valve to release the overwhelming pressure in

  • Starks got the wolves
    ReinaTriendl (Yesterday  08:20)

    Bran gave the pip a quick nervous stroke , then turned as jon said here you go his half brother put a second pop into his armsthere are five of them

  • 8 December 2018
    Sumingyu (The day before yesterday 23:54)

    Fortunate to have watched The World Listens to Me this evening on the Chinese International channel. It was a program on cultural inheritance in whic

  • Heavy Snow
    teadrinking (The day before yesterday 17:09)

    As it is reported last night the heavy snow came on time as suddenly as the coming of winter. Just a couple of days ago, it was still not that cold. I

  • Daily life
    jakia_zou (The day before yesterday 11:43)

    Though my daily life is extremely monotonous, I try hard to adapt myself to it。 Why? Because I intend to be a good worker。  I get up at six o’cl

  • 2018-12-08
    ReinaTriendl (The day before yesterday 09:52)

    Bran thought about it can a man still be brave if he is afraid that is the onlu tome a man can be brave his father told him do you understand why I d

  • Computer Architecture
    ReinaTriendl (The day before yesterday 09:10)

    Computer hardware is the equipment involved in the function of a computer and consissts of the components that can be phusically handled,the function

  • 7 December 2018
    Sumingyu (3 days ago)

    On August 20, No. 18 typhoon W this year passed through Dalian City, Liaoning Province. Under its influence, just moored beside the 760th Research In

  • The Game of Throne - Bran
    ReinaTriendl (3 days ago)

    the morning had dawned clear and cold, with a crispness that hinted at the end of summer, they set forth at daybreak to see a man beheaded , 20 in al

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