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  • 19th July, 2018
    Sumingyu (3 hours ago)

    When I passed the Central School gate, I spotted in the shade of the trees by the road a sanitation man was taking a break. He seated himself on the

  • Wrong password
    Jesse2016 (9 hours ago)

    yesterday I tried to login my blog  ,but system remind me the wrong account number or wrong password , I tried  less than 3times ,syste

  • 18th July, 2018
    Sumingyu (Yesterday  23:31)

    *Soon after the old tenant was gone, the new one moved into the bungalow next to ours on the east. *No intrusion of unhealthy desires recently. * S

  • Stay or Leave
    douglas-baily (Yesterday  22:16)

       the round of demission is continuing after mid-year bonus is given out, as normal, at this month of every year, it will be wave of guys

  • Interstellar 星际穿越
    peggy3832 (Yesterday  11:45)

    - shake a leg. time for lunch<br>-check? -yes, sir<br>-deal?

  • The bad news in Thailand
    Rosanna (Yesterday  09:52)

    There was other bad news happened in Thailand on last week. The boat Phoenix had 101 on board, including 89 tourists, all but two of them from China,

  • The change of the Liubei between Xuzhou and Yilin
    ReinaTriendl (Yesterday  00:17)

    From the 《three Kings' story》 Time will bring you from concentrating process to results

  • 17th July, 2018
    Sumingyu (Yesterday  00:07)

    *Mother is still nursing a rage against first elder sister. *The first dog days began. According to the local custom, people eat dumplings on this o

  • This is a story
    bluephoebe (The day before yesterday 15:03)

    新加入一个English Writing 的圈子,每天根据几个重点词语写一小段文章,我一时脑抽决定写一个故事,于是给自己挖了好大一个坑:Day 1: Speaker, Speak, Spoon,

  • 16th July, 2018
    Sumingyu (3 days ago)

    Son told me he has reserved the ticket for the train heading for Harbin on July 20th. Mother took a risk walking a long way alone to second elder sis

  • an American Dream
    sweetolive (3 days ago)

    Last night I watched a Chinese movie: American Dreams in China (中国合伙人),it was based on the true story of New Oriental School (新东方).

  • pride and prejudice
    Jesse2016 (3 days ago)

    Recently I read a novel <pride and prejudice> ,famous  writer Jane. Austen,I think this novel is  really romance, Mr. Darcy who is  her

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