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  • Go on no matter what happened
    teadrinking (Yesterday  22:20)

    2016 has gone, and now it is the new year with us by moving fast. We are either with the cognition or unconsciously knowing the time which mops up the

  • Just looking forward
    freefu55 (Yesterday  19:39)

    Everyday every time, we have a lot of different things, if we don't make an priority it is hard for us to get the most important things done. learning

  • Preparation for Spring Festival
    Rosanna (Yesterday  15:18)

    Spring Festival is coming soon, Everyone would like to go back home town to see their parents at Spring Festival, There are two A Yi at my family, one

  • Arrival of the spring festival
    teadrinking (The day before yesterday 22:00)

    Again the spring festival is coming and now the city becomes quiet. Many guys are on the way home and expecting the meet with family. Their parents ar

  • I'm back.
    wang_baron (The day before yesterday 21:09)

    It's been a very long time. There are so many changes in the past years, I nearlly forgot this bolg. But today I'm back. Nice to see you again, my dea

  • you deserve a better life if you are a good reader
    sweetolive (3 days ago)

    A girl said: “In the past 5 years, I have been writing English articles for more than 500, but I can’t tell there’s improvement. I’ve got no idea

  • happy new year
    jaylinxuxun (3 days ago)

      I met a grandmother type auntie in my college days. I used to wander around the college campus when I had finished my lessons for the day. I ma

  • Brazil Payment Received
    Onlyman (3 days ago)

    Time passes so quickly. It is almost another week again. Last night so late as around 11:30, the van on the ground floor was still unlo

  • drinking tea
    jaylinxuxun (4 days ago)

      Before I was never having the hobby of drinking tea even serving a tea drink is very common and popular in every Chaoshanese family. I tho

  • White lie
    Rosanna (4 days ago)

    I have two brothers in my family, my father was passed by long time ago, my mother is eighty four years old, her health is quite good, she lives in fo

  • Annual dinner of 2016
    douglas-baily (5 days ago)

        The annual dinner of 2016 came to a close successfully, there were more prizes than last year, not only red envelop with one thousa

  • A New Year Resolution on the Back
    jpliu (5 days ago)

    Cross the road, cross the sea, a girl with an ambition. Her beginning of the year is perhaps the continuation of the beginning of the year sixty year

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