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  • Last day of working in Tigel company, bye!my friends Reply
  • Here I want to say thank you to Richardren, for he is the first one to join in me and practice oral English,who's also a great guy working in East Africa.Keep in touch!my friend Reply
  • F-U-C-K! What a life am I living! Reply
  • What a fucking day! Reply
  • Why am I so angry with him? He really get me irretated. I need to vent it by doing sth coz right now it is really hard to focuse on my work Reply
  • Real NameKimi
  • GenderFemale
  • Birthday1988 - 3 - 5
  • Birthplace江西 赣州
  • Residence广东 深圳
  • Blood TypeA
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My Mother-in-law 2014-05-08
      Things didn't go well with me these days since my mother-in-law came and lived with me. She got Depression Disorder when she were ...
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Writing to My Future Baby 2014-01-04
Dear baby,         I'm not quite myself this morning, something unhappy things buzzed in my head, which drives me do not know w ...
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Can We Still be Friends after I Get Married? 2013-12-17
Dear Journal,        It's raining outside right now,but I'm feeling myself today. Coz Ken, one of my collague, yesterda ...
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A Sweet Dream 2013-12-13
The familiar face come to my dreams again last night,  and the face is still young, sunny, he smiles a lot each time he saw me as before. In ...
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Back in DioEnglish 2013-12-07
A year has been passed since the last time I loged in DioEnglish, I almost forgot the password to login, luckily, the Internet save the password for m ...
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JorainFrank 2013-5-28 11:57
Selinna 2013-2-19 14:51
Hi,wish you have good mood every day
Mrzeng 2012-7-10 13:06
Kimi011812: We got the same last name, but I'm from Jiangxi province.
JiangXi is besides our HuNan..Nice to meet you!
Mrzeng 2012-7-9 23:12
Kimi011812: Hey, friend, u got the last name with "Zeng"? are the same or you know me?he he.
Jimmy621209 2012-7-2 18:30
Kimi011812: Hey,Jimmy, It's a bit long time since u updated a new blog last time.
Yes, i am a little busy at this moment! Thanks for your attention.My dear friend Kimi.
Debbie 2012-7-2 10:42
your avatar really looks like my high school friend ,I almost thought you were her!
alicewoo 2012-6-22 20:34
Nice to be your friend~~
lgityt 2012-6-18 15:29
Kimi011812: Hey, Lgityt, it's a long time since u update a new blog
en.I am planing a new plant for camera product with a friend who comes from Korea. I am too busy to write things happened in these daysin here.
nextjourney 2012-6-15 14:17
Kimi011812: I like ur blog image, nice hat, is it u?
Yep!The hat designed based on my favorite mascot Stitch.It's me when i was approaching 20.Now i've already become a twentyish for one year.To be honest,I have to clarify one thing,you know ,the angle of camera will cheat your eyes to some degree.
Raphaellin 2012-6-14 23:12
Kimi011812: BTY, Wish u happy everyday like the day u shot the picture on blog image!
Likewise, have a nice day~~
Raphaellin 2012-6-14 23:10
Kimi011812: the Chinese name " 峰兄"on ur T-shirt really amuse me each time I saw it.
Glad to know you like it~It's my nickname~
Camure 2012-6-14 17:00
Kimi011812: Hey, Camure, I think u are good at writing when each time I check ur comments in different article, but why u not write ur own blog to share with us?
I don't know why I don't like to show my own story here.
maybe not have any interesting things , or not in a good mood to write it out...
Thanks for your comment...
Nordon 2012-6-6 15:33
Life is short........... enjoy it.........
Kimi011812 2012-6-4 15:42
Hey! Joex! How are u?
JoeX 2012-6-4 14:57
Hello Kimi, Nice to be your friend in Dioenglish. Thanks!
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