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Entertain what we have for the time being

1005 views. 2013-1-27 19:41

Sometimes, we complain “Life isn't easy”. But only people who had undergone “China-Japan War”, which ushered in a period starving and dying prevailed everywhere, are qualified to clarify what is “not easy”. “Enjoy without realizing” may be the epitome of us. ——One Sovereignty, One Blood.
Not an exact quote due to my bad memory and toll of ignoring “reading note”.
Recently, bulging passion of the topic “Are you feeling happy?” initiated by CCTV News has been escalated a lot. What a pity, the mere three channels of CCTV I salivate for, Sports, Soccer, NEWS, are great refuges of CCTV News. Needless to say, all interviewed are “happy”, and “not happiers” are not tolerated to be solicited.
Asserted by different individuals, however, the notional concept of happiness differs by different perception. Let's retrospect the past. I'm definitely sure that basic Chinese people'd undergone the war were not happy. Economy collapsed, currency inflated thousands of times. People could only counted on the poor food provided by KMT to sustain their family. The shortage of cotton supply made them suffered more in winter, and had to tackle the scourge of Jap's air attack simultaneously. Imagine the scene that mother was killed and baby was abandoned on the street. In Japs-occupied region, men were forced to be slaves, digging our resources to produce weapons for Japs. Women were forced to be sex-slaves which “happied” Japs. 
What I show above is just a tiny piece under the unfortunate circumstance. Suffice it to say, people were totally bereaved everything could be bereaved. I feel cranky on the complimentary evaluation for Japs invasion alleged by some Chinese, perhaps they are “happy enough”.
Compared to their ordeal suffered from war, it may just be “Enjoy without realizing” as the video says for me to call myself “Diaos”.
In fact, no matter Diaos or Gaofu Handsome, dissatisfaction doesn't indicate diligence or assiduity, perhaps indignation of the reality that their rewards never coincide with dedications.
Any help? We should soberly aware that we are neither Thomas Edison nor Albert Einstein. We can't reach the extent of “Nobody but me”. For the rest, everyone deserves an office job, a bureau chief, or a physical labor. Just “Follow the God” as Soong Mayling insisted.
Entertain what we have for the time being. And for the time being, I have sufficient to eat, I enjoy FC Bayern, I run as I wish, isn't it a happy life worth to be embraced?
What else is a limit?
             Survivor, Air Force Base, 2012-11-14

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