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Shares My Thoughts Towards Xue Zhiqian's Affair
Cora28 2017-9-21 22:36
Currently, Li Yutong, the ex-girlfriend of famous singer Xue Zhiqian was searched on Weibo. Since my best friend is his fan, I read the news carefully and felt depressed about it. I summarized this affair that Xue was reunited with his ex-wife and got many blessings but his ex-girlfr ...
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Shares Fall Is Coming, Time Flies
Germini 2017-9-21 22:32
"Provided that you were coming in the fall, I'd brush the summer by." Today is September 21 and the atmosphere of autumn is more and more full-tasting.Nevertheless, the earlier time around August 7 has already been autumn.The weather is not hot like a stove anymore and the temp ...
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Shares The Way to Relax
Slytherinmuggle 2017-9-21 22:29
We are always faced with annoyance whether we accept it or not. So am I. As a college student, my annoyance maybe mainly comes from study and some other work. Pressure which generates from life, always let me distressed, or even out of breath. But there' s always a solu ...
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Shares The Belt and Road Initiative
Innsbruck 2017-9-21 21:32
It is universally acknowledged that the trend of globalization is apparent. It means that the cooperation between countries is becoming closer and closer. In that case, as the world's second largest economy, China introduced the Belt and Road Initiative to strengthen the connecti ...
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Shares Do small things in a great way
Vivian_Lee666 2017-9-21 21:20
Do small things in a great way
Throughout the history, people all desired to be successful. Nevertheless, singly a few of them were really able to make it. To our astonishment, if you are more careful, you will notice that those successful people only did small things in a great way. As the sa ...
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Shares A new period
wangjide01 2017-9-21 17:30
I finished my english exam last week, althoughI don't have a good performance in the exam. I was so nervous that I can't write down words fluently, Even I write a "O" like a triangle. I don't think I will have a good score in the e ...
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Shares Career and family which is more important
cherieLL 2017-9-21 14:54
I read a story the other day.A company man, he was a perfect Type A, a workaholic. He worked six days a week, over ten hours a day. He was just too busy to share any time with his children.Consequence, he was somewhat distant from his children. This has led to my think ...
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Shares What is happiness?
Ivy320 2017-9-21 14:49
What is happiness? This is a question that without an absolute answer. Currently, we are gradually realizing what genuine happiness is for person. Of course, different people give different definitions of happiness. It is up to ourselves. In a survey, people from different pr ...
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Shares Ride a bike to work
shirleyytt2010 2017-9-21 09:12
I remember that only when I was middle school student, I went to school with my classmates by bike, I will never forget the happy days to be with her, she is the simple person as I do. And we keep in touch since we were primary pupils. In the previous days, ...
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Shares Borrow From Others But Walk Your Own Way
leexiu2006 2017-9-21 09:00
When it comes to English teaching, so many teaching theories or methods given, provided or recommended by those experts or expert teachers who are invited to come or sent out to make interschool communications will fully fill our heads and make our heads dull. Wh ...
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