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Shares Growth of innocence
teadrinking 2022-5-20 10:51
When we were young as kids, we liked to be imaging and wondering, with full curiosity and exploration towards future. On the contrary, we look back to seek for the memories of childhood when we are grownup. Not only because of the tiredness of social life but also the empty of soul, we lack of the ...
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Shares Party meeting
Rosanna 2022-5-20 10:29
Party meeting
I was so sorry to say that the party meeting I was the first time to attend after retirement, even the secretary invited me many times before, this and that reasons I was absent. I was so proud to be party member in my previous company, there are some meetings in weekly or mo ...
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Shares a week is so fast
Jamescpp 2022-5-19 23:54
Tommorow is friday, so fast, and i'll do soming in weekend. Today is very good, and happy, althong very buzy.
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Shares Be so ready
teadrinking 2022-5-19 22:40
Believe in or not, the job market is not that well going as it was years ago. Meanwhile every year students graduating from universities at the same time join in the labor market. The job market could be described as "more applications, less positions" which is becoming much fiercer for people who ...
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Shares Unstoppable
teadrinking 2022-5-18 11:45
Every morning the jubilance of birds singing inspired me to get up. Then I still stay for a while near the window for the admiration of the tranquil countryside, a place where I barely forget its elegance and simplicity. Every time, I pass through streets, I find nothing but concrete build ...
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Shares The mistake at work
yvonneandmandy 2022-5-16 22:24
I made a mistake at work. It annoyed me a lot. We print the labels. The US client require 1/4 " spcae before and after the barcode. And My boss required 7MM orally. When I reconfirmed with her. She asked to refer to the client's email. So I just follow the clients requirement. But when the la ...
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Shares Ancient inhabitants
teadrinking 2022-5-16 14:59
Yesterday the Shanghai’s official statement of production recovery somehow revealed a hope for its citizens. And the lockdown has made the mega city stagnant for months. Economy is almost undevelopable and people’s life is caged by moving nowhere else. Meanwhile many other cities are still in th ...
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Shares Humor
Rosanna 2022-5-13 14:50
If you intend using humor in your talk to make people smile, you must know how to identify shared experiences and problems, your humor must be relevant to the audience and should help to show them that you are one of them or that you understand their situation and are in sympathy with their po ...
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Shares Exercise
teadrinking 2022-5-12 23:01
Because of the rain, I didn’t choose to exercise outdoors and the yoga mat helped me sweat a lot. I am fond of the feel of fat burning. Being with the laptop too long is the not the ideal style I like, but it is work. Anyway, I feel it a must to warm up and say no to procrastination. Afte ...
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Shares Action
Dempsey 2022-5-12 18:59
Action speaks louder than words, and it even speaks louder than thoughts. I am a person who lives close to a solitude life, and I realize that such life, as former sages may have lived, proves to be abundant in wisdom only by abundance in actual practice. Thoreau wrote in his book The Walden &nbs ...
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