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Shares 20 April 2021
Sumingyu 2021-4-20 09:11
No one comes to see flowers in bloom; The apricot orchard is silent as a tomb. Before long descends the day of doom. So I get immersed in a mood of gloom.
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Shares 19 April 2021
Sumingyu 2021-4-19 12:06
Assemble both the young and the old. Timid lads stand far apart and behold Like scared deer but shortly turn bold. That they jump as monkeys to unfold.
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Shares 18 April 2021
Sumingyu 2021-4-18 13:17
The pond gets warm in sunlight. Fish are allured coming in sight. Around cluster trees dark green, Where four crows perch unseen.
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Shares Very right moment
teadrinking 2021-4-18 10:35
Follow your heart, do not let others invade your mind. Sounds not that easy, but it has to be like that. When you have the plan and act everything to achieve it, you will realize yourself. You do not feel boring anymore since you have something to do. Day after day, year after year. Time g ...
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Shares Prospect
douglas-baily 2021-4-17 12:36
It would be good news for some employees including myself, because it finally got a pay raise after three-year without a raise even though this is a very small increase this time. There was a high resignation ratio during the past three-year because of the cancellation o ...
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Shares A good day
teadrinking 2021-4-17 11:32
Colorful flowers and green treesrepresent thevivid spring time. Wonderful season goes to be nice moment for us to enjoy beautiful days. It is not sure if it is going to be sunny or rainy tomorrow. But it typically makes aperfect trend for the bright moment.The dew in the mo ...
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Shares 17 April 2021
Sumingyu 2021-4-17 09:56
White poplars are nearly to bloom. Soon flowers will go to their doom. They're likened to females wanton, Who have strong sexual attraction.
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Shares Dare to Write Again
Dempsey 2021-4-16 13:43
It has been a serious damage to my heart since my grandfather together with all my family view unfavorably my ability and promise of writing English. For so long a time I didn’t feel like writing any more, owing to the horrible reality that I was so desperately incapable, and my illness is also g ...
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Shares Green tea
teadrinking 2021-4-16 13:20
The tea is nice and I drink it with great satisfaction. Apart from visiting to tombs and praying ancestors, I spent a week helpingmy familyto pick teainthetea gardenduring the Tomb Sweeping Festival. Tea trees are growing well. It was a har ...
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Shares Fried dough twist
Rosanna 2021-4-16 12:58
Fried dough twist
Fried dough twist is kind of traditional Chinese food, which is original from Tian Jing city as we all know. One day I was surfing Tik Tok, One big twist video is attracted me and the location is nearby my home in Beijing, it is said to be the popular and one of web celebrity clocking s ...
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