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Shares 18 August 2018
Sumingyu 2018-8-18 22:50
Fell ill. Felt a little ill in the stomach yesterday when returning home. I think it might have been for my eating the muskmelon and drinking some cold boiled water. Nevertheless, I ladled a bowl of the liquid out of the cold porridge and drank it with some walnut seeds. Back in the flat I beg ...
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Shares 17 August 2018
Sumingyu 2018-8-17 23:18
A fine day. Rode my new bike to school. Took the shortcut of the dirt path on my return. And it was dry and passable. Mr W bought us some muskmelons. I took one and went to the printing room eating. Somehow, he didn’t even take a bite. Another round of maintaining schoolhouses ...
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Shares trifle
jaylinxuxun 2018-8-17 13:57
It is late summer day but it is still hot. Even I know that the autumn season will follow suit soon as the mid-summer festival is upcoming with only one month left. Autumn season is always cool and pure cloudy. It is good for moutain climbing too. Every this moment of the year, It ...
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Shares 16 August 2018
Sumingyu 2018-8-17 00:35
Assigned to take part in a training course on the Integrated Practice at the Teaching and Research Section of Changchun Education Bureau. I had great difficulties to find the place. Soon after signing in there and taking some pictures I left for the Joint Book Mall near the railway station. I ...
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Shares Why do Chinese photograph food they about to eat?
sweetolive 2018-8-16 19:12
After I posted a few photos of Chinese food on Wechat, one Aussie friend made a comment: “ W hy do Chinese photograph food they about to eat"? Good one, actually, I have never thought about the question. Normally, I seldom post photos of food in Melbourne, b ...
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