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Shares Forbidden City
Aurasolar 2020-5-31 21:22
I visited Forbidden City when I was six, in 1986. I marveled at the architecture. We walked on marble stairs and entered a room paved with wooden floor. I approached a bed and stood beside a bed. The bed was low and made of fine wood. On the bed placed several quilts, neatly folded and made of fi ...
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Shares A feast in a castle
Aurasolar 2020-5-31 21:14
In ancient Greece, there was no rice. People ate barley bread or coarse bread. In ancient Greece or Rome, until medieval times, they had no chopsticks. At first, they used bare hands. Before each meal, they must wash their hands clean with clear water. In a castle, the lord and h ...
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Shares Pizza
Aurasolar 2020-5-31 21:08
One day, Miranda invited us to eat pizza in her house. She is a painter from England. She made pancakes with fermented dough. Then she spread cheese on the pancakes. She minced pork and made pork into meat sauce. She placed meat sauce and raw onion onto the pancake. The meat tasted sweet and s ...
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Shares Victoria's lunch
Aurasolar 2020-5-31 21:01
When I was working for a travel website, I worked with a girl from England. She had dark brown hair and brown twinkling eyes. She was not tall and she had curly hair. When she smiled, she looked gentle and lovely. She is from Liz, a city in England. We updated information ...
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Shares Feast the eyes
Aurasolar 2020-5-31 20:13
Meat pork, lean meat, fat, pork slices, shredded pork, pork ribs, liver, roasted pig tail, meat rolls, fried meat balls, play with knuckles, pork stew, shredded pork with fish flavor chicken, chicken breast, chicken dices, drumstick, chicken wings, fried chicken, chicken soup for the soul ...
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Shares My favorite English names for girls A-D
Aurasolar 2020-5-31 19:32
Name Meaning Adeline Noble, honora ...
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Shares 31 May 2020
Sumingyu 2020-5-31 15:38
I'm ashamed of my bad performance In English speaking despite my diligence. It's due to lack of practice,I know. I must fill the gap for a better show.
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Shares An ape
Aurasolar 2020-5-30 18:32
During Ice Age, the Earth turned extremely cold. The climate changed. The forest withered and there were no green leaves, insect or fruit on the trees. Some monkeys could no longer live on treetops. They had to walk on the ground on all fours, looking for food or grass root. It ...
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Shares Noting my journey to Yangzhou
Aurasolar 2020-5-30 18:25
People of Yangzhou shall be grateful to Li Bai, a famous Chinese poet in the Tang Dynasty, who wrote in his poem: "Float downstream to Yangzhou in misty March." Nowadays, the verse attracts many people to Yangzhou in March, bringing this small city endless travelers and ...
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Shares Rainbow
Aurasolar 2020-5-30 17:53
At a moment I caught glimpse of a rainbow, As I opened the window and raised my eyes toward the sky. An arch in soft rays of red, light yellow, tender green and watery purple. An arch across the sky turnin ...
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