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Shares 21 October 2019
Sumingyu 2019-10-21 10:00
The hidden villages come into view again after the harvest of the crops. All of a sudden the fields stretch far and wide without obstructions. 谷刈村復現,境界忽超逺。 The gentle breeze didn’t feel any cold when touching my face on this sunny day of late autumn. 暮秋 ...
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Shares Mahjong
teadrinking 2019-10-20 23:02
A gang of guys in the morning walked out the elevator, yawning all the way till they disspeared in the lobby. The smell of cigarettes were still left in the elevator. They had been playing mahjong all night. I do not know what is the good of mahjong. But later, I sense everything has its magic. If ...
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Shares 20 October 2019
Sumingyu 2019-10-20 11:39
Don’t throw away the leftovers, please, which may be taken when you are in need tomorrow. 君之餘餐切莫棄,誰料明日膓中饑。 You ' d better not divorce your wife sharing distress with you, or you ' ll feel regret and lonely when past your frivolous prime. ...
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Shares 19 October 2019
Sumingyu 2019-10-19 12:19
The tall chimney of the heating installation began pouring smoke into the air yesterday. But the pipes still felt cool in our apartment building. 供暖揚高煙,樓内猶凉管。 Thanks to the mercy of Heaven, the arrival of the cold air has been postponed. 所幸見天憐,寒意故姗姗 ...
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Shares 18 October 2019
Sumingyu 2019-10-18 11:55
He’s a hard drinker that can drain the rivers. He smokes as a chimney making suffocating clouds. 豪飮吸百川,勁嘬吐雲煙。 It has got round that he has been stricken with epilepsy. That is why he has been absent recently. 近日忽不見,傳言患癲癇。 ...
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Shares 17 October 2019
Sumingyu 2019-10-17 12:35
The cuckoo bird is named Dujuan in poetry. Its chirping solemnly reminds me of the remote past. 布谷詩名作杜鵑,叫聲綿邈思愀然。 Although I was acquainted with the bird’ s twittering, I didn’t know its scientific name at all in my childhood. Forty⁃odd years have passed since ...
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Shares Stands
ada23 2019-10-16 21:40
When the night falls, it dyeing the sky into dark-blue with somewhat opaque, the clouds thick-layered, leaisurely ornament the panorama. The street lampsignite the full road, reflect the squint into the tree leaves which touchs up unkempt leaves with sort of elegance and unrealistic luxury. ...
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Shares Another Busy Day
bluephoebe 2019-10-16 16:58
Another busy day slipped by. I am supposed to have a laid-back life, to have a lot of time to rest. But supposed is a trick word and you never know. Here’s my schedule for today and you can say it has nothing to do with laid-back. Get up at 6:30, pr ...
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Shares 16 October 2019
Sumingyu 2019-10-16 09:02
My aged mother has been losing her senses day by day. S he’ s always searching for a piece of her clothes after another. 耄耋之齡益昏庸,日尋西焉夜覓東。 In her spare time, she’s seldom in a good mood for she often recalls her past sufferings regardless of the present happ ...
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Shares Mid-Autumn
jpliu 2019-10-15 22:46
It’s cooler and cooler with each rain, the saying goes. This autumn sees little rain, yet it’s still cooler and cooler with each passing day. Leaves are falling. Master Yang is nowhere to be seen “sweeping yellow” day and night ...
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