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Shares 13 December 2019
Sumingyu 2019-12-13 10:36
Seeing Bates dismissed, Anna got very depressed. She volunteered to take his last dinner to his room upstairs before his departure. 贝茨遭遣安娜傷,送餐惜别至其房。 She heartily whispered to him her concern for the uncertainty of his future. Who could withhold his tear ...
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Shares A Hike into the Wilderness
sedgehead 2019-12-12 12:39
Today is December 9, 2019. I have really been wanting to get some exercise the last few days after a few weeks of less walking than normal. I had some time this afternoon and decided to take off for the wilderness to go hikin ...
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Shares 12 December 2019
Sumingyu 2019-12-12 10:21
The car drivers in our town had always been driving rashly through the crossroads regardless of the signals of the traffic lights newly installed there. 路口雖設紅緑燈,猶有勇士恣横行。 Suddenly it had got round that a car driver who had jumped the red light had been fined. Alm ...
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Shares Over concerned
bluephoebe 2019-12-12 08:55
“It’s already 10:30, time to go to bed!” my husband’s irritated voice cut through the air and interrupted my son reciting his English lesson—his last homework. “Okay, thank to you. Now I have to start it all over!” Frustrated, my son yelled back. Tears welled up in his ...
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Shares 11 December 2019
Sumingyu 2019-12-11 09:13
The journey had been difficult enough after snowing, and now I saw once more the viciously heaped on the road. 天雨雪兮路難行,又見惡人道上傾。 All passers⁃by were filled with rage in vain and had to wait for its diminishing with time. 過者徒然忿填膺,且待時日以削平。 ...
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Shares 10 December 2019
Sumingyu 2019-12-10 10:39
When the rice porridge was being cooked, it gave off a pleasant smell. But when tasted, it was just so so. 煮粥聞米香,食之亦若常。 I’ll never forget the fragrant rice I first took in my early youth given by one of late father’s colleagues. 早歲始得貽,其味永難忘。 ...
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Shares New Job
Geoff 2019-12-10 08:39
New Job
The last visit was a year ago. During this time,a lot of stories happened to me.I stopped being a doctor,now I‘m a medical administrator.Before, I thought it was an easy job,but it’s NO,It's a very hard job. I have to work overtime unitl 21 o'clock every day. Although it ...
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Shares Online Friends
bluephoebe 2019-12-9 17:46
During last English corner, we were going to share something light and pleasant. Honestly, last week is like a hell where my life was basically between the bathrooms. In short, I was in the worst shape, wound, stinky and light-headed. However, I did come out something that touched my heart. ...
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Shares 9 December 2019
Sumingyu 2019-12-9 12:13
The overcast sky seemed low and near, and large patches of wetness appeared on the road as a result of the current spell of warm weather. 长空雲低沉,氣燻路洇洇。 I pedaled with less efforts than usual but moved speedily. However, I was still sweaty when I reached school. ...
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