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Shares my own version of an optimist
Joyui 2017-7-21 14:53
I have become my own version of an optimist. If I can’t make it through one door, I’ll go through another door – or I’ll make a door. Something terrific will come no matter how dark the present.
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Shares A good teleplay
wangjide01 2017-7-21 01:43
I watched a 49 episodes teleplay named“ Mao Zedong” these days.. It shows the life of new China founder chairman Mao whitch last from the bith to the estabilishment of the People's Republic of China. That's a great and interesting teleplay. I also learn a lo ...
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Shares Endeavor
douglas-baily 2017-7-20 22:50
Most of time, it was easy to find an excuse to give up one thing, what I should keep on going. Perseverance was easy to say, but was difficult to take especially when you were in not good condition. Sometimes, we were annoyed about myself due to we lacked strong abilit ...
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Shares An embarrassing thing
chouchou 2017-7-20 10:18
Yesterday my leader told me that his laptop running slow and he can not work with it. So i asked him sat in my seat and I sat in his seat,i helped him repair his laptop. Our seat are face to face,he can not watch his laptop screen. Firstly I found a lot of junk software and uninstall them.Then ...
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Shares Going to the primary school for us kids of new resident in wenzhou
yvonneandmandy 2017-7-19 21:11
We had been prepared well for going to primary school by finding some close relations for helping. We had waiting in great urgency but we still failed at last. There are only 22 empty but with more than 200 children are applying for it. Most of them are asking for the close relationship since ...
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Shares Something About Myself
kyle2012 2017-7-19 16:59
Recently, i have been thinking about my job at day and night time even when sleeping. it's already third time that i woke up during my sleeping since of being anxious about my resigning. it sounds like pretty weird ! yep I'm an adult with 30 years old ! that's trulyme. Also, i have realized&n ...
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Shares Our Baby sister
Rosanna 2017-7-19 09:18
Our Baby sister
Ms. Zhai is our baby sister, she has been stayed my home for 8 months since the baby has been delivered, she is the number three coming to my home since the beginning we were looking for the right one to help daily stuffs at home. When she was coming the first month to my home, there ...
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Shares Nanny
lijuanandrea 2017-7-18 15:15
I have lots of things to say about nanny. My son is one year old and two months now, and now he is at home play with his Nanny. A month ago, when I was in my office, my husband called that our Nanny broke her arm and his son had taken her to hospital, my heart beats quickly, I ...
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Shares A westerner is no longer a mystery to me
sweetolive 2017-7-18 08:59
One day, I had C hinese food with a Scottish friend, he said: “It is weird, in China, everyone seemed very kind to me; a girl brought me snacks whenever I needed. However, in Melbourne, I can’t get that feeling; Chinese are cold and keep to themselves.” “Well, I agree ...
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Shares Bad News
shirleyytt2010 2017-7-17 14:46
I noticed a piece of bad news, it is about the a woman who was finished delivery a baby, due to the temperature was so high, she asked her family to turn on the air conditioner . But they did not allow her to do so, they explained to her she must wear a thick clothes and to avoid blowing. ...
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