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Shares new career
SakuraGirl 2017-3-23 08:31
It has been one years that I worked at IT industry.I don‘t known if it is right.
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Shares Persue new career
douglas-baily 2017-3-22 21:24
This is the first week to my wife since she quits her job and she will be engaged insurance industry as her new career. To be honest, I am not sure whether she can make good performance in this way, I just wonder whether she can continue it because of unfixed pay, it me ...
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Shares Emotion
Jason2014 2017-3-22 15:58
Emotion is a fantastic, mystery, conflictive. we can undergo different emotion from coming to the world to death. the family member emotion, friends' emotion, working emotion, even death emotion, Just as every coin has two sides, emotion either. it is emerged on everyday, happiness or ...
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Shares Life Tips
edemon 2017-3-22 14:48
writing notes is a better way for us to retain what we want to do. ten minutes mail is a wonderful tool for us to sign up temporarily. give yourself a special period to answer emails in order to focus on your job. compare two things, judge which one spent more time, put the ...
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Shares Back Home from Airport
jpliu 2017-3-22 12:03
Yellow cabs and motor tricycles drove close as the airport bus was entering the station. Before it had stopped, middle-aged men and women came up to side doors: “Where to?” “Cross the River?” “Follow me”… We rolled our luggage on ignoring anyone around as Daphne clicked DiDi tax ...
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Shares Lost contact
Rosanna 2017-3-22 08:41
Lost contact
I got one mail from Anita said that somebody is looking for me by mail at the last week. Wow, does anyone of you have the latest contact with Rosanna? Which was my previous company mail address and I don’t use it any more for long time. This mail is from my Russia friend Mr. liu. I w ...
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Shares turnning season
jaylinxuxun 2017-3-21 14:49
It starts to be hottor and hottor day by day. I think it would be the summer time after the tomb sweeping festival. It is a season with humid and wet. The spring in southern China is not pretty. It is annoying sometimes too. Clothes is really hard to get dry. Ok, ...
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Shares The first time
superytp 2017-3-20 22:38
Today is my first time about I has studying for half of day at the libary,which is postive for us .Then I hope that I can hold study all time.
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Shares Learning to grow up
morlly 2017-3-20 18:16
Days areflying.Ithasnot been updated my blogsince last year.It is a long time for me.What happened in last year will be remembered in my memory because i feel i grow up again even if i had grown up many years ago. I decieded to c ...
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