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Shares I don't need to marry a rich man
sweetolive 2017-4-25 20:10
In China, some ladies like talk about their husband, it seems like the higher status; the richer the husband, the more respect ladies will gain from friends, colleagues, and relatives. Ladies, a rich husband can only provide you financial security, but you still have to rely on y ...
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Shares Reading Day
Jason2014 2017-4-25 14:23
World book day is published on April 23rd every year. There were much different in this year, especially some TV Station prepared a program about it, even that i saw a topic in the exercise app, it's surprised, and it was a good signal. The Government lead us to read books,or printed books. especia ...
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Shares Crazy Shopping
Rosanna 2017-4-25 10:23
Crazy Shopping
I remembered I wrote this topic at before, it was talking my daughter who is a really shopaholic, she is a really hard to change her mind on shopping, swiping the card is kind of release their pressure, no matter she needs or not or what kinds of cloth or bag, as long as she has spent some mon ...
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Shares play guitar
yason 2017-4-22 22:44
Study Playing guitar is so hard, but I will go on!
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Shares the tip of the chain
ada23 2017-4-21 16:25
I am totally confused in contrast to the confidence days ago. 搜索 复制 Actually my long-term evaluation ideology being challenged or collapsed that time that the business cooperation largely depends on the "resources" or "people connection". Yes, i agree that my boss ...
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Shares Terrible of my credential Card
Jason2014 2017-4-21 14:57
Recently I wanted to apply for a CITIC credit card,when the staff put my ID to identify and enroll some necessary information for it , there was a error which means i had got credit card for it, actually, I have never. According to the system, it was applied with the same ID, but different User Nam ...
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Shares Communication skill
Jesse2016 2017-4-21 09:59
Did you meet any communication problem ? some time I felt ,I am not very flexible when I negotiate with a stranger or a familiar people . I tried my best to explain my plan and my purpose. but the listener didnot understand my opinion eventhough reject dire ...
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Shares What can make the people confident?
Rosanna 2017-4-20 17:56
What can make the people confident?
Good looking can make the people confident that everybody knows, but today I know the healthy also can be making the people changeable and confident. These days I did not update my blog, because of Tiger got the serious sick and living the hospital more than 10 days, it was hard to s ...
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Shares The disgusting mosquito
douglas-baily 2017-4-19 21:47
I didn't sleep well last night, there was always a mosquito noising around my head at midnight and it totally spoiled my sweet dream so that I had to cover my face with pillow towel and quilt only keeping out my nose outside, but, I soon found this was not a good idea, bec ...
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