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Shares 7 August 2022
Sumingyu 2022-8-7 22:12
1 It‘s my turn on night duty at school. This time I do not believe I’m a fool. I carried sheet and curtain of gauze. Stinging of mosquitoes could pause. 2 Such pests and heat might annoy. Many other things we could enjoy. Different vegetables are produced. A lot of chores have been reduced ...
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Shares Beginning of Autumn
teadrinking 2022-8-7 12:26
Literally it is just a sign of autumn while in fact it remains hot.No matter how hot it is, the sounds crickets last night reminded me of the changing of solar terms.People are seeking somewhere to cool off and enjoy their vacation. Recently, on account of the hitting from covid-1 ...
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Shares Mankind to nature
teadrinking 2022-8-6 08:35
Amid the highlighted tension between the use of electricity and scorching heatwave, it never effectively and precisely offers the answer to the problem. Since the existence of modern civilization and ongoing development of human society, it must be moving forward to consume much more energies which ...
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Shares Free bill
teadrinking 2022-8-5 10:25
Technology helps us acquire convenience and obtain information freely. Physically we enjoy higher life quality but we seldom think about what exactly we want to do. Or, we just live in the circumstances and assume everything around is just right. Mostly it does not matter that we think of nothing, ...
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Shares Sales is the core & soul of business
tomlu6 2022-8-4 19:34
1 Sales meansimproving yourself.
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Shares Nothing but hot
teadrinking 2022-8-4 11:35
Cicadas are like monks chanting all the way. High temperatures expel people away. Nothing can be done but shielding in the shadow. Concrete roads fail tostand for heatwaveand finally fracture. Compared to white collarsthose who work outside are more likely to face danger of heat s ...
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Shares August 2022
Sumingyu 2022-8-4 10:08
1 The computer outlives its usefulness. I wave the pal farewell with sadness. Wife bought this when she was alive. If only she had succeeded to survive. 2 I'm happy it's sunny and windy. Pumpkin pieces can dry quickly. I hope such time may long last. But any instant it'll be overcast. 3 To ...
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Shares Circulation
teadrinking 2022-8-3 13:03
Blue sky never fails my admiration of nature. Bamboos and trees alongside the grass, I sense the tranquility amid the pause of land and breath of wind. Chirping of birds and bugs is composing of soft music, given the extraordinary scenery. Brand new greenery after the baptism of shower and thunders ...
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Shares Dance to heaven and hell
teadrinking 2022-8-2 10:01
About 26 days remained high temperatures in July and this kind of hot days continue in August. Climate change is making abnormal weather more frequently and severely. More floods, droughts, gales, hot days and chilly days happen from time to time. It is not a science fiction, in fact, it does occur ...
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Shares Be yourself
teadrinking 2022-8-1 21:54
Sometimes a call from a good friend is the comfort that you feel warmly nice. Sometimes a supportive sentence can be an inspiration. Sometimes a dis can be either a stimulus or a discouragement. But, importantly, the best power to incent yourself going forward is what you want to pursue and own.
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