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Shares Go on no matter what happened
teadrinking 2017-1-22 22:20
2016 has gone, and now it is the new year with us by moving fast. We are either with the cognition or unconsciously knowing the time which mops up the heal of scar of those happened and drives us to be more vividly stronger. Getting back to last year, I had many things done. One of those thi ...
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Shares Just looking forward
freefu55 2017-1-22 19:39
Everyday every time, we have a lot of different things, if we don't make an priority it is hard for us to get the most important things done. learning to deal things with a priority list is a fine skill to keep us in balance. Sometimes it is hard for us to begin, but when we do we find things isn't ...
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Shares Preparation for Spring Festival
Rosanna 2017-1-22 15:18
Preparation for Spring Festival
Spring Festival is coming soon, Everyone would like to go back home town to see their parents at Spring Festival, There are two A Yi at my family, one is in charge accommodation for Father in law in his building, the other is at my home for the daily operation. they are not local here, they w ...
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Shares Arrival of the spring festival
teadrinking 2017-1-21 22:00
Again the spring festival is coming and now the city becomes quiet. Many guys are on the way home and expecting the meet with family. Their parents are waiting them in the hometown. This year's spring festival comes a little bit earlier than previous years. We witness the flourish of metropolises a ...
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Shares I'm back.
wang_baron 2017-1-21 21:09
I'm back.
It's been a very long time. There are so many changes in the past years, I nearlly forgot this bolg. But today I'm back. Nice to see you again, my dear friends.
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Shares you deserve a better life if you are a good reader
sweetolive 2017-1-20 22:30
A girl said: “In the past 5 years, I have been writing English articles for more than 500, but I can’t tell there’s improvement. I’ve got no idea what English books to read as I will fall asleep when I read classic novels.” This reminded me when I was learning English in ...
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Shares happy new year
jaylinxuxun 2017-1-20 16:52
I met a grandmother type auntie in my college days. I used to wander around the college campus when I had finished my lessons for the day. I may wentoutside for buying some daily stuff or having my dinner.She and her husaband rent a small house in the village which is back fro ...
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Shares Brazil Payment Received
Onlyman 2017-1-20 01:09
Time passes so quickly. It is almost another week again. Last night so lateas around11:30, the van on the ground floor wasstill unloading some steel stuff. Itcaused extremelytroublesome loudnoise in the deep night. I called the police phone 110, but it said the n ...
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Shares drinking tea
jaylinxuxun 2017-1-19 10:46
BeforeI was never having the hobby of drinking tea even serving a tea drink is very common and popular in every Chaoshanese family. I thought tea drink is bitter.I often refused to drink even one small cup of it. This year I bought a small Gaiwang and two small p ...
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Shares White lie
Rosanna 2017-1-19 10:44
White lie
I have two brothers in my family, my father was passed by long time ago, my mother is eighty four years old, her health is quite good, she lives in fourth floor without the lift, everyday she is holding the stairs to comes and down many times by her own. But we found her mind is not shape sin ...
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