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Shares 13 August 2020
Sumingyu 2020-8-13 17:08
Tibetan Antelope If a single male wishes to mate, He must topple the ruler of present state Through a fighting really desperate. He may be killed or wounded if unfortunate; If successful,the concubines will compensate.
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Shares 12 August 2020
Sumingyu 2020-8-12 16:42
Nicknamed Dragging Steps for her walking way, She can be heard moving about night and day. She's the middle-aged housewife next door And as simple as her husband to the core. At them their arrogant daughter used to roar.
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Shares 11 August 2020
Sumingyu 2020-8-11 11:08
Some films and plays we've long forgotten, But the songs in which are still heard often. Most people know well these compositions, But very few are familiar with the musicians.
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Shares Life has no do-over
bluephoebe 2020-8-10 16:04
L ife has no do-over, but it doesn’t harm to do it in your imaginations. If I could turn back the time, I would go back to two years ago, and channels all of my strengths into one big shout: GET OUT OF THE FUxxing BED. I would stop worrying. You know that “worried t ...
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Shares 10 August 2020
Sumingyu 2020-8-10 14:05
The folk songs are most in public favor, For they have a distinctive local flavor. The dialect and accent touch our hearts, For they form the most precious parts.
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Shares The baby will go to the kindergarten
Rosanna 2020-8-10 11:09
The baby will go to the kindergarten
Li Xiao Bao is three and a half year old, He will go to the kindergarten at September this year, and the location of kindergarten is not too far from our home, it takes 10 minutes by foots. Our family are so happy to welcome the day coming, since the past three years, child care is not ...
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Shares Get nothing for nothing
bluephoebe 2020-8-9 17:50
My daily life is made up of a thousand tiny pieces---“EMF learning” “Reading Notes” “Homework Checking” “Daily exercise” “Cleaning” “ Tidy up rooms” “Put everything into order” “Treatment”… each piece is so tiny, so not worthy of mentioning, and they always bump together, an ...
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Shares 9 August 2020
Sumingyu 2020-8-9 13:00
Parents' Love Nothing is more important than children, To them they give a continuous concern. In order to make their kids attain success, They never grudge anything they possess.
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Shares 8 August 2020
Sumingyu 2020-8-8 11:20
Summer's gone and arrives fall. I see the crops have grown tall. Soon our chief will issue a call To us to attend the school hall.
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Shares 7 August 2020
Sumingyu 2020-8-7 12:17
Lost Youth A teenager,owing to a false accusation, For fifteen years had been under detention. Were it not for his release for innocence, He would serve a life prison sentence.
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