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Shares Days in Krabi: Ups and Downs
bluephoebe 2018-2-19 12:17
Days in Krabi: Ups and Downs
Taobao offers many one- day- tour to nearby islands. It’s convenient for many but not for us. For one thing, such tour usually starts from 7:00 am in the morning, and we don’t like to be early bird in holiday. Second, the charm of travelling is that it offers you exposure to the diversity a ...
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Shares Day one in Krabi: the feast of colors
bluephoebe 2018-2-18 11:29
Day one in Krabi: the feast of colors
Our family just came back from a six-day trip to Krabi, Thailand. Whenever I feel like getting stuck in a steady 9-to-5, travelling would become a great escape for me. Besides nothing can be more conciliatory than a beach holiday in such a gloomy, cold winter. Like the ...
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Shares New year
teadrinking 2018-2-16 19:58
The new year comes as it is to be. Sometimes, even though I do not know how could it be so fast. Sort of unbelievable by knowing that I am aging. Yes, I am young. I have a young heart and good mind. I should still keep moving on. But I am not the one who I was years ago. I have to confess it. And n ...
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Shares Easy History of China - Warlord era of China (Updated 16 Feb 2018)
Jess.Y 2018-2-15 04:30
Easy History of China - Warlord era of China (Updated 16 Feb 2018)
Preface After the last dynasty of China, the Chinese government was no longer capable of running this giant country machine. China was separated into fragments by many warlords followed behind of Western powers and Japanese imperialism. With the collapse of Qing dynasty in the la ...
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Shares The year of dog
teadrinking 2018-2-14 22:14
Tomorrow will be the spring festival eve which means the end of Chinese new year 2017 is around the corner. It was sunny these days, and it turned to be cloudy and is reported to rain tomorrow. What a festival. Whatever it is, people are trying going back home. The rain, snow and even worse weather ...
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Shares Kathy – my friend
Rosanna 2018-2-14 10:31
Kathy – my friend
Kathy is younger than me for some years, we were the former colleague, surely not only the colleague, but also she is one of my good friends. We had worked together since the beginning of the company, she was one of the trainees at the credit department of the Finance, I was in different sect ...
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Shares A New start
s300679 2018-2-13 18:52
I have been in Beijing for almost three years and the time goes faster than I have thought. Sometimes I have a self talk and I ask myself If I goes well in Beijing . I wish I would find the right answer, but it don't work. It's good time to make change and have a new start in 2018. ...
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Shares The last working day before the Chinese New Year
douglas-baily 2018-2-12 22:31
Today is the last working day before the spring festival of 2018, so the remain colleagues in offices who don't feel like doing anything even if there are some tasks in hand to deal with. The topics they are talking around the New Year of 2018 so that they are involved in the ...
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Shares Year In Year Out
jpliu 2018-2-12 20:13
Year In Year Out
In the Namibia girl ’ s eyes, the dog and chicken are aware that one room cannot have two masters. With this in mind, the dog is waiting for the room to be vacant. The hen knows that it ’ s time for her to look for new frontiers.
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Shares Get out of Ivory Tower
sweetolive 2018-2-12 16:51
Get out of Ivory Tower
I feel like Melbourne is my second home as I have been living here for nearly 14 years. I used to live in Shanghai more than 30 years since I was born; luckily, I was always staying together with family. During my 20s and 30s, I was like living in a fairy tale wo ...
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