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Shares Rainy season again
teadrinking 2018-6-18 16:21
Rainy season again
Nice day. It is not that hot. This morning, the weather forecast said the arrival of rainy season would soon come. Tomorrow it is going to rain again. And probably, the whole week is rainy. It happens every year at this time. I have already had some rice dumplings. But that glutinous rice is ...
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Shares Dye rice gray
Sumingyu 2018-6-18 13:13
Yesterday evening son sent me a greeting message on the phone thanks to the Father ' s Day. But I didn’t notice it until midnight. He has been absent since his departure to school in late February. We haven’t communicated with each other during this period. Mother decided not to make dum ...
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Shares Can not fall again
freefu55 2018-6-17 18:41
Thing happens one after another. Resigning from last job and find a new one. It looked that everything was going better, but something which I didn't realize ruined all my life. I need to start again to get back all the things I have. This time, I must learned from last lession, I can't fall again. ...
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Shares What’s your opinion toward tattoo?
bluephoebe 2018-6-17 17:39
There’s an American colleague girl, who wants to teach English in China. She has a few tattoo, but they are not visible. Now she wants to get one on her arm and she is just wondering how people in China would think about tattoo. I found a lot of people have sort of n ...
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Shares Father's Day
teadrinking 2018-6-17 16:16
Today is Father's Day. My father is getting old. He is decent, simple and honest. As always, I never see him taking advantage of people around. Relatives, neighbours and villagers argue him as a good man. This title does not make him better in terms of circumstances. That is because not all guys ar ...
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Shares Suspension of business
Sumingyu 2018-6-17 07:21
Bean curd has been our dish at meals for at least a week. Every morning before breakfast I went to the market buying one or two blocks of it. But yesterday when I got there, I found the door of the shop locked and no bean curd stall and assistant in front. I hesitated there for a while and lef ...
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Shares Football and festival
teadrinking 2018-6-16 13:29
Dragon boat festival is coming and I have a three-day holiday. I can fully enjoy my time, the bad is I got a cold. I do not know how could I got it. I neither used too much air condition nor was weak enough to suffer that. Anyway I just felt unwell a little bit in my throat yesterday morning. Lucki ...
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Shares Dumplings of glutinous rice
Sumingyu 2018-6-16 07:27
If it hadn’t been for the weatherman mentioning the three - day holiday due to the Dragon Boat Festival yesterday evening, I would not have known its arrival. I just learnt of its coming by browsing the calendar the other day and ignored it recently. Yesterday I overheard Mr Z saying the ...
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Shares Dragon Boat Festival
Jesse2016 2018-6-15 11:19
Dragon Boat Festival is coming , we preparedcompetition activities to cheer this traditional festival in company , there are 25 teams to join this competitions .make rice dumplings,the winnershould packthe largest q'ty anddesigna style represe ...
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Shares 2018 FIFA world cup
Rosanna 2018-6-15 09:32
2018 FIFA world cup
2018 FIFA world cup is ongoing in Russia starting from June 14 and will end the final match on July 15 2018. The country was awarded the hosting rights on Dec 2 2010. It is the first time Russia is hosting the World Cup. Russian President Putin has welcomed the ‘friendly global family’ of f ...
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