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Shares Summer Strategies
teadrinking 2024-7-17 15:11
As the hot summer arrives, it feels like living in a boiling pot, with sweat never waning under the relentless heat. To avoid the risk of sunstroke, early mornings are ideal for activity. Thus, I rise early and head to the tea fields for weeding, which also helps burn some calories. Sometimes, I ev ...
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Shares Beneath the New Version
teadrinking 2024-7-14 15:22
The road ahead is not smooth, yet as I gaze at the distant horizon, I am amazed by the view that inspires my mind and strengthens my resolve. Despite my efforts to better myself, the path is full of obstacles, and I sometimes struggle to see things from all angles. Now, I have a new opportunity to ...
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Shares Just write randomly
jakia_zou 2024-7-11 21:56
I found the website was deserted recently,there has few friends to write blogs.Several years ago,this place was so crowed.Don't know why become now.How pity!
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Shares July
Sumingyu 2024-7-1 12:59
1 Just among the flourishing weeds, I collected ripe black onion seeds. Although there was a light breeze, Face rolled down the sweat beads.
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Shares To Do or Not
teadrinking 2024-6-29 22:20
The road to an ideal land is not easy. Sometimes, it remains just a dream or hope, yet it motivates those with a determined mind to keep moving forward. No matter how long the journey or how tough the experience, it never stops those who are committed. Though the path may be unusual and uncomfortab ...
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Shares Sweat and Steam
teadrinking 2024-6-28 21:41
After a week of relentless downpours, the heavy rain has finally let up. However, this temporary break in the weather doesn’t signal an end to discomfort. The days ahead are set to be dominated by muggy, humid conditions. Every time the rain stops, the air becomes thick with moisture, making ever ...
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Shares Justice and Aggression: Lessons from a Neighborhood Dispute
johnsonwu 2024-6-27 23:04
Imagine a small neighborhood where two families, historically at odds over property boundaries, find themselves embroiled in a bitter dispute. One family, let's call them the aggressor family, suddenly decides to forcefully occupy part of the other family's backyard, claiming it rightfully belongs ...
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Shares Invisible Chain-Hukou System
johnsonwu 2024-6-26 19:34
The hukou system in China, with its origins dating back to the 1950s, has long been criticized for its profound social and economic consequences. Initially introduced to control population movement and allocate resources effectively, the hukou system has evolved into a deeply ingrained mechanism th ...
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Shares Unstoppable Water
teadrinking 2024-6-26 15:44
As the rain persists, flooding appears unavoidable, and streams rage with intensity. There is no indication that the rain will cease anytime soon. Therefore, one must persevere until the dawn. An individual is vulnerable, powerless against the forces of nature, unable to alter the course of the wea ...
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Shares Change or not-The Beijing License Plate Lottery System?
johnsonwu 2024-6-25 17:51
The Beijing license plate lottery system has been implemented with the intention of managing the city's severe traffic congestion and air pollution issues. However, upon closer examination, it becomes evident that this system has significant flaws and limitations that undermine its effectivene ...
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