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The disgusting mosquito

Hot 171 views. 2017-4-19 21:47 | midnight, because, outside, totally, always


     I didn't sleep well last night, there was always a mosquito noising around my head at midnight and it totally spoiled my sweet dream so that I had to cover my face with pillow towel and quilt only keeping out my nose outside, but, I soon found this was not a good idea, because I felt stuffiness beneath those stuffs, what's more, I felt so difficult to breathe. So I had to remove pillow towel for breath smoothly when the noising gone away for somewhere, unfortunately, the annoying noise would appear very soon and then it involved in bad circle. It really drove me crazy, I tried to get up to find the disgusting mosquito and wanted to slap it, but, I failed to find any mosquitoes after searching for a few minutes. So I had to go back to bed to continue this terrible situation again. But for the store already closed, I really went out for buying mosquitocide to wipe the mosquito out. But, under this circumstance, I had no choice and had to bear until dawn.

     So, in order to suffer this again, I bought floral water, mosquito-repellent incense and mosquitocide for using this evening after work. Perhaps the best choice is to buy a mosquito net this week for preventing mosquito's harassment.

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Reply Jesse2016 2017-4-20 09:08
I can understand your feeling ,I often met your same situation , I live in guangdong ,there are lots of mosquito almost for whole year, we always hang mosquito net from spring to winter , we need to check if there are mosquito in the net before sleep . and we also install a specail windows for prevent mosquirto run into room . that is very useful . you can try ...

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