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242 views. 2017-4-18 14:06 | education, including, children, limited, outside

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The temperature is warm and warm in the coming days, even the nursery education is hot than temperature, it is time for nursery entrance application. I saw a news about that over one thousand people lined up outside of the nursery school, including the children, about two hundred miles, even that, the temperature was nearly 30 degree.although it was limited about 300 to access. some of the parents try their best to let the child enter at any cost.that's one reason which promoted the price of house. Even that the government took much steps to decrease the influence. it was failed,especially this moment when the children prepare to enter school. Actually, so many parents buy the school district housing for their generations in China, especially in the past several years.It is no doubt that there are good resources, experienced teacher. We take overall focus on our kids' education when they grow up till graduation.It's hard to image that scene.Children is one part in our entire life, not all. I still believe that when they come to the world, as long as we guide them to upward, learning how to be a man, a eligible value when they grow up.We always told us that we don't let our children lose on the ready line? how to define it ? we hard to image in our mind, give them a better education, take part in more tutorship and learn more acquirement although they do not like it.If we compare with transcript, no one can beat Chinese children, we take more time to learn with passiveness. How to transfer them into initiative. As a father, i don't want to control the life of my daughter, she is the director of her life.        

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