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How to design test cases?

205 views. 2019-9-27 16:05 |Individual Classification:career

It seems that writing test cases is art not technology, since for the same object under test, test cases designed by different engineers are completely distinct. Why? I think lack of stable test method is the answer. For example, imagine when we test a system like skype, how can we develop a test suite for it? Most of engineers write test cases according to the requirement document, but how to make our test cases cover more branches and find test cases which are not covered on the requirement document.


One feasible method is assessing the case space for one occasion under test. First we list all the factors involved in a test occasion, which let us know one case is comprised of how many different factors. For instance, skype client A, network channel, skype client B are involved in one test case. Then we try to list all the variables for one factor, for client A, these variables include different devices, different version of operating system, different input text, etc. the network channel includes 2g,3g,4g,5g,wifi, intranet, broken connection, etc. After listing all the variables, we can assess how many test cases are enough to cover this occasion by multiplying the number of these variables, for example 10 for A, 10 for network channel, 10 for B(the same number as A), the result is 1000 test cases. It’s amazing, right? If we manually list these test cases, it seems an impossible task.


Comparing to manual test cases, not all of test cases generated automatically is valuable, we can reduce the number of test cases by combining some status, such as 3g/4g and deleting some ridiculous ones. After some priorities, we can get a subset in a reasonable account, this subset covers the most important test cases we should test.


In sum, when coping with complex test occasion, do not start with listing cases, instead, try to assess how many test cases we need cover the test occasion. 

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