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Shares What is wrong with the class of university?
2015-6-5 11:40
What is wrong with the class of university?
I donot know that the era changs men,or men chang the era.I watched a movie which was named "to returntothe 20 of age." last night.There is a episode i remember that show a teacher who is a protagonisthow to teach the showed when the teache ...
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Shares Do you think it is hard to manage time?
2015-6-4 17:20
Many people like to make a plan orwrite this paln on a paper,printing andstickingiton a wallwhenhe or shewants to learn something.but i donot know if you find ,it is difficult to do in terms of the plan.When we come home after studying or working ...
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Shares we never know what will happen.
2015-6-3 11:55
I opened my wechat in the morning,noticing many friends had posted a lot of articals in my group of frieds which were about the capsized incident on Children's day.So far,only 14 people were rescued by the government.If youopen the website of state-run media,you willread many late ...
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Shares my leisure activity i often do in my spare time
2015-6-2 10:57
When my friend asked me what kind of my leisure activity i often do in my spare time,i have no idea how to answer.Because i didnot know what kind of my leisure activity is my favorite.I usually read a major book or a novel in my house in my spare time.Myhusband like hiking,taking my dau ...
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Shares Google's self-driving car will be appeared on roads
2015-5-29 17:37
I read a news on the CNN website that is reported the latest version of Google's self-driving car will make its first appearance on public roads in this summer today.I have heared some massages about self-driving car driven by people in some day for years.I never think this kind of car will be driv ...
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Shares There is a terrible news
2015-5-25 23:25
When I was reading somenews on the xinhua website which is a famous and authority site in China,i noticed a piece of terrible news that was released a chinese kidnapped by Taliban,which is a terrorist organization in Pakistan.According to this report,Taliban asked the chinese government ...
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Shares Donot want to study.
2015-5-24 21:17
Myconstellation is virgin.I notice the woman who was borned in this constellation has a characterthatlikes to give up in the medile course from the website of constellation.I didnot believe it in the first place.However,i believe it now because i used to give up someth ...
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Shares i am so tired.
2015-5-21 23:26
Recently ,i always feel tired.i think it is difficult to stick to doing something even though we know we have to do it for living a good life.
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Shares for my daughter to fright with another mother
2015-5-13 22:26
When i saw some people was frighting or quarrelling for somthing,i always think that if i were her(him) ,i wouldnot do like that,because frighting or quarrelling isnot an good behavior,especially in public place.But now i recognize it is wrong.Maybe i can control my feeling,but if someone frist star ...
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Shares learning to apoligize is a virtue
2015-5-10 00:42
When you are arguing something for your work with your boss,you suddenly notice you are wrong,what do you do?I met this situation yesterday.For better regulating the company‘s business,my boss madesomenew rules as a message posted them into ourqq group of company.I re ...
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