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1.Charity is not giving gifts or doing a duty. It is not doing something to get something in return.

2.Charity is spending time with an elderly, disabled person or donating blood.

3.Three types of charity are monetary, physical and spiritual.

4.The steps in being charitable are seeing a need, deciding what to give and how to give it, and doing the good deed.

5.The reasons for being charitable are recognizing a problem, caring about the problem, and wanting to do something about it.

The effects of being charitable are helping to relieve the problem, getting personal satisfaction, and working to eliminate the problem.

6.Charity is similar to selfishness, both can be motivated by a desire for recognition, and both can lead to feeling of accomplishment.

7.Charity is different from love, love has a greater degree of personal involvement, is more strongly motivated, and requires more commitment.

Charity is much more than an occasional generous act of giving. Because most people believe that giving is the meaning of the word. Charity needs to be more clearly defined, It is not dropping off a bag of used clothing at a local community centre. It is not buying a drink, one percent of which price will go to the poor area. An important reason for giving charity is not pressure but the personal desire to help others. A charitable person does not seek praise of reward but shows a genuine concern for all people. He or she gives time in addition to material items. Sharing a singing talent by teaching a young child is an example. Signing a form to donate vital organs after death illustrates charity. It is also using occupational skills to help others – for example, a lawyer giving free legal or a doctor free medical advice. So charity is caring enough about others to regularly share one’s assets – both monetary and intangible.

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