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Medicine drawer

130 views. 2019-7-9 10:04

Every family has the first-aid kit or medicine box just in case if something happened urgently, we can help ourselves before go to see the doctor or the hospital. There are two medicine drawers at my home; one is for Tiger which has three or four kinds of medicines only on daily basis, due to he has the high blood pressure and terrible heart disease. I cannot image if he suddenly fell ill by heart attack, it would be very dangerous for his live. So for him no matter where we go, packing medicine is a very important issue, and not one to be taken lightly.

According to the currently policy of employee, almost 80-90% expense paid by insurance company for ordinary citizen for a year. My previous company is not bad for the staff benefits. Luckily each of employee are entitle to have the second reimbursement of medicine expense after paid by the insurance, that meaning I can reimburse basic on your actual payment. What I am trying to say is I almost have nothing expense for a year unless some special cases. Tiger’s company is the private company; it does not have such good welfare for the staff. So all the expenses of Tiger is under my name, this is not cheating, many of couple doing like it, due to the doctors who never care who is the patient or not, as long as getting the medicine from their hospital or getting the commission.

I regularly get the medicines from the small community clinic near my home; the doctor is only responsible for making a prescription. I prefer to prepare some basic medicines.

Medicine drawer has to be clear up often, most of the medicines were only one or two years expired. Yesterday I made up the medicine drawers to prepare some for my next traveling and also clear up stacks of pills expired. So I can say who is diligent or not at home, you can check their medicine drawer. This is easily taken out by the date.

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