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Package tours or travelling individually

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With the improvement of people’s living standards, many people can afford a holiday by leaving their living place and visiting those tourist attractions. But people choose different way so travelling according to their own interests. Some people like travelling with others, while others prefer travelling alone.

Many people like joining package tour, because during the trip they don’t have to worry about finding the hotel to live in, the place for meals, as well as the transportation. The guide will take care of everything. Compared with package tour, travelling alone, will leave someone a lot of inconvenience, such as getting accommodation for the night, buy the return tickets. No need to waste the golden time to find the place for a new city or country. It is freer for worry, but there are many disadvantages as well, such as some of tours guides will take you to the factories or stores and force you to buy certain produces you are unwilling to do it. Some of tour groups get up early to catch the buses or trains, due to which are cheaper. One thing I cannot accept the group leader has very bad attitude with some old man and women guests, He/ She is lost patient to get on the bus or slow walk, repeat and repeat, due to bad memories for them. Merely hearing and seeing only.

In spite of these drawbacks, travelling alone has the advantage that joining the package tour cannot enjoy. You are your boss. You decide whether you like to climb up a mountain or to be driven up in cable cars, and where to spend your time to linger a little longer to enjoy yourself thoroughly. At the ten years ago, Tiger and I went to Europe for two weeks by ourselves, before we left, we did the schedule carefully, maybe we can speak well English, that may us more easy if we have the problems, we were totally enjoy our time, we went to more than ten cities by bus, train or the plane.

In a word, by travelling alone, people can enjoy great freedom. In addition, it is much convenient and not to tired than the package tour. That’s why as our age, not too old yet, I personally prefer travelling alone.  

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Reply teadrinking 2019-9-8 11:19
Personally, I like go somewhere alone, no need to worry being bothered others. I decide all things by myself. By arranging time by myself, I fully have the energy to be with the experience of journey.
Reply Rosanna 2019-9-12 10:08
teadrinking: Personally, I like go somewhere alone, no need to worry being bothered others. I decide all things by myself. By arranging time by myself, I fully hav ...
I totally agaree with you

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