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Trip to US (part 5)

135 views. 2019-11-6 10:19

This was the fourth day In Yellow park from the east to the west and following number 8 line we went to every corners, but we have not given full expression to the view, we still wanted to stay longer and more. This trip for living we were almost one night only and then move to next stop, we have to follow our schedule.

After whole day visiting the west of Yellow Stone Park, it was dark outside and late, everybody was tied especially our dear Xiang Hui he drove all day long without close his eyes for the seconds, As our plan tonight we will stay the last night there, when we checked in the hotel, a girl she was the receptionist told us the forecast tomorrow will have a heavy snow, she suggested we’d better get out of here tonight, otherwise the road will be closed, maybe one day or more. That mean we had to drive other 100 km away to get out of the park, we checked the internet to confirm the weather it was again, no doubt, and finally we decided we go immediately.

I should thank the girl to tell us the information of the weather; unfortunately I did not take the photo for her, but still remember her kindly smiling face. It was true the next early morning outside, the large snowflakes were falling to cover every corner, to be the silver world and like a fairy tale world. I forgot where I was, just enjoy the beautiful view, taking the photos in different poses, the boys were busy with snow removing from the car to make sure safe for driving, that’s different for girl and boy.

The hotel breakfast was not bad, the cold milk, juices, fruits, I like waffle very much, which was making by yourself, only it was warm and not too sweet at all, everything we were used to have it, before we left there we took the bottle coffee away for each of us on the car as native people.

Enjoying the view from the window is wonderful, after seeing heavy snow for the small town and following there were many big white clouds hanging on the blue sky, unbelievable pictures we had, I was totally moved again.

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