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The baby got the sick

152 views. 2020-4-22 09:37

My daughter has been worked for the month. The baby is cared by Grandma right now, she is a quite nice people and she takes a good care of baby and also she cleans the house and cooking for their meals at her limitation spare time. We are planning the time for helps by A YI in our big family and return to the normal life sooner or later base on the epidemic situation.

It was rainy all day along at Apr 15th in Beijing, pretty cold outside, and the temperature was going down suddenly. Everyone is afraid to be sick during the epidemic coronal virus in the world. If so you and your family members or related will be isolated immediately. The baby got the fever 39 at next day at the evening; I was told the window was not closed at that cold night in baby room, lucky no cough and running nose, we were a little be worry about the case, surely the baby cannot go to hospital right now. My daughter asked for the enquiry on line service, the feedback was that doing nothing till three days later, if till keeps the fever, then we have to go to the hospital for checking. I totally disagree the doctor idea; the baby has to take anti-inflammatory drug to reduce fever immediately. But my daughter still wanted to believe what the doctor said, because the baby is too young for any drugs.

The psychosis of baby was not bad till the third day he did not has the lunch and went to bed directly. I said that if no any drug for patient, how can release the sick, I asked the command promptly. Even the drug for baby was hard to have, we were tempt by carton video for baby patiently.

Lucky the temperature was reduced to normal till the fourth day. During the long process we learned a lot, we cannot wait for any diseases, it is afraid to delay especially for baby. So I asked my daughter please writing down in detail records for this just in case for further information.

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